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All the Iron Profiles We Have

Hello everyone, we are the Fenceshop team, your reference point for everything related to fences and DIY materials. Today we want to talk to you about the iron profiles available in our online store. Iron is an extremely versatile material used in many fields, and we at Fenceshop offer a wide range of options to meet every need. Let's take a look at the technical characteristics and sales methods of our iron products together.

Types of Iron Profiles

Let's start by listing the various types of iron profiles that you can find in our store:

  • Square profile box section: Available in the following sections: 20x20 mm, 30x30 mm, 35x35 mm, 40x40 mm, 50x50 mm, 60x60 mm, 80x80 mm, and 100x100 mm.
  • Rectangular profile box section: Available in sections of 40x15 mm, 40x80 mm, 40x60 mm, and 80x60 mm.
  • Raw tube: Available with diameters of 25 mm, 48 mm, and 60 mm.
  • Hot-dip galvanized tube: Available with diameters of 33 mm, 48 mm, and 60 mm.
  • Solid round bar: Available with diameters of 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, and 18 mm.
  • Solid square bar: Available in sections of 10x10 mm or 14x14 mm.
  • Flat bar (blade): Available in sections of 40x3 mm, 40x8 mm, 60x3 mm, and 60x8 mm.
  • Section iron: Available in sections of 40x20 mm, 40x40 mm, and 60x40 mm.
Available Sizes and Lengths

As for the lengths, we offer various options ranging from 50 cm up to 300 cm. Here are the available lengths:

  • 50 cm
  • 75 cm
  • 100 cm
  • 125 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 175 cm
  • 200 cm
  • 225 cm
  • 250 cm
  • 300 cm

Although iron bars come in lengths of 6 meters, for shipping reasons we limit a maximum length of 3 meters. This allows us to ensure the product arrives in optimal condition, avoiding complications related to the shipment of excessively long pieces.

Materials and Treatments

The iron profiles we offer are made from F360, a common construction iron. It is important to note that this type of iron tends to rust quickly if exposed to moisture. Therefore, it is essential to treat it adequately, unless it is galvanized tubes, which are already protected against corrosion.

Profile Thickness

An important detail concerns the thickness of the box sections, both square and rectangular. The thickness we offer is 2 mm, except for the 100x100 mm box section, which has a thickness of 3 mm. This thickness is sufficient to ensure good weldability and resistance.

Uses and Applications

The possible uses for iron are practically endless. Those who purchase these profiles often have good manual skills and some basic equipment, as the iron has to be cut, drilled, and welded. Applications can vary from constructing gates and sports fences to making various accessories and structures in carpentry.


Thank you for your attention and we hope this information is useful in guiding you in purchasing our iron products. In our online store, you will also find detailed technical sheets with the weights and measurements of each product. We invite you to visit our website to discover all our iron profiles and much more. Subscribe to our channel and follow us to stay updated on our latest news. Thank you and happy working!

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