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How long does greenhouse nylon last?

Sorry, I had to do it! My colleagues and I have been singing "with nylon" misinterpreting the song by Lionel Richie for a long time, but I had to do it. It was too important for me. Let's talk about greenhouse nylon, its duration, and its main features.

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, and sorry for this intro, but today we are talking about greenhouse nylon, as I mentioned before. What's very important to say about this product? First of all, it's hard to show a transparent product, so you won't see anything here. In my hands, I have a sample piece that might be seen better, but for all intents and purposes, it's a piece of nylon. Yes, but what kind of nylon?

Characteristics of greenhouse nylon

Our nylon has some special characteristics. There are different types of nylon; to the touch and sight, they may seem all the same, but often customers tell us: "Darn it, I bought a nylon last year, and it's already dried up, cracked, broken". Why? Because, like all products, there are different kinds and prices. Our nylon, called long life, has some unique features:

  • It is a highly UV-stabilized polyethylene film, so it withstands the sun for a long time.
  • It has a thickness of 200 microns per square meter, so it's quite thick.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty. The warranty covers normal wear and tear under sun, rain, or frost, not damages caused by wind or improper installation.
Available formats

The nylon rolls are available in five different sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 meters in height. The length of the rolls varies depending on the height. Don't worry, on our online store we offer a convenient meter cutting for all available heights.

Using greenhouse nylon

The main use of this product is in the agricultural sector. It is ideal for making greenhouses, protecting vegetable gardens, gardens, or perennial crops.

Installing the nylon

Is it difficult to install nylon? No, in our opinion, it's not. On a difficulty scale from 1 to 5, we place it at grade 2. It is a material that handles well, cuts easily with scissors, and folds without problems. The difficulty may increase depending on the volume to be covered, but generally, it is a fairly simple job.

Fixing methods

Here are some methods to secure the nylon to the structure:

  • Fixing clips: Use clips of various diameters to attach the nylon to the tube by pressure. It is a quick and safe method.
  • Mesh fixing hooks: Use hooks with 12 points to distribute the force over a larger surface, avoiding holes or tears.
  • Zigzag cords: Pull zigzag cords over the greenhouse to keep the nylon firm on the structure.
  • Elastic cords: The elastic cords, equipped with carabiners, absorb the tensions caused by the wind, making the fixing safer.
Storing the nylon

The nylon is of very high quality, so it can be left outside all year round. However, if you roll it up and put it under cover during the summer period, it will last twice as long, as it will be exposed to atmospheric agents only half the time. We recommend retrieving and storing it when it is not needed.

Handling and managing

An important aspect to consider is the weight. A piece of nylon of 10x10 meters, for example, weighs about 20 kg. Therefore, when thinking about buying large quantities of nylon, also consider how to handle and manage it.

Be careful during transport and handling of the roll. The nylon can easily get marked or punctured if it hits hard surfaces or stones. Couriers must also be careful not to damage it during shipping.

Warranty and quality

The product warranty is two years, but we can guarantee that our nylon lasts much longer. We have a piece behind our company that has been there for over six years. We decided to keep only this model of nylon because it is of the highest quality and has never given us problems with customers. When the price is a bit higher, it clearly justifies the use of different raw materials and processes. We can guarantee that it is an excellent product.

Well, that's all for today. Good evening and good work to everyone. We remind you to subscribe to our channel and leave comments if you have anything to say about it. Visit our website for more information and for our e-commerce. See you soon, goodbye! 'With nylon, with nylon, with nylon!'

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