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Bright or Matte Galvanization?

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, your go-to source for everything related to fences. Today we're tackling a very interesting topic: is it better to buy a galvanized post, mesh, or wire with a bright or matte finish? Let's find out together!

Galvanization: A Technical Process

Before diving into the topic, it's important to understand why galvanization can appear bright or matte. Galvanization is a complex process that involves various material compositions. When zinc is first applied, it appears bright. However, over time and with exposure to elements like rain and humidity, the zinc tends to oxidize, becoming darker and matte.

Bright or Matte: The Choice is Relative

Back to the initial question: is it possible to choose between a bright or matte galvanization? The answer is no. The bright finish is only temporary and fades quickly with exposure to the elements. For example, in one of our photos, you can see a galvanized mesh, specifically a Nodagri mesh. One roll is bright because it's fresh from the factory, while the other, which has been exposed to the air for a month, appears darker and matte. This change is completely normal and does not represent a production defect.

Preserving the Brightness

If you want to maintain the bright finish of the galvanization, there's a solution: paint it. As soon as you pick up your galvanized product from the factory, you can apply a clear coat with a spray can, brush, or air system. This will help preserve the original brightness and prevent oxidation.


In conclusion, a galvanization that becomes matte is not a defect and does not compromise the quality or durability of the product. It's simply a matter of time and exposure to the elements. We hope this video has been helpful and that you found some insights for your future fences.

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