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How much does it cost to install a fence?

Hello everyone, I am Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce specialized in fences. Today we want to answer a question that we are often asked: "How much does it cost to install a fence?". I understand that this is an important question, but giving a precise answer is not always easy. Let's discover the reasons together.

The difficulty of providing a precise price

When it comes to materials, we can provide precise prices thanks to price lists, but for the installation, there is no standard price list. Every job is unique and presents different challenges. Often, customers insist on having an indicative price, and sometimes we are forced to give an approximate estimate, which can turn out to be inaccurate once the site inspection is carried out.

The importance of the site inspection

The site inspection is crucial to determine the exact cost of the installation. We can see with our own eyes the real conditions of the ground and can make an accurate estimate. Unfortunately, we cannot carry out site inspections throughout Italy, especially for small jobs of 5-6 meters of fence. Our advice is to find a local professional who can do a site inspection and provide an accurate estimate.

Examples of incorrect evaluations

Let me tell you some examples of incorrect evaluations I have made during my career:

  • A customer tells me that it’s a very convenient lawn to install a fence. After the site inspection, I discover that under the layer of grass there are large stones, making the excavation much more difficult and expensive.
  • A sports field seems all soil, but beneath a few centimeters of earth, there is a concrete wall, complicating the work.
  • A lawn without walls or obstacles but with a narrow, impassable path for vehicles, requiring almost all the work to be done by hand, increasing costs.
Using technology for a more accurate estimate

Today there are technologies that can help us provide a more accurate estimate. You can send detailed photos of the perimeter, the address to consult Google Maps or Google Street View, or a short video via WhatsApp. These tools help us better understand the situation and provide a more accurate estimate.

An indicative price

In the end, we can give an indicative price: the cost of the installation is about twice the value of the material. For example, if the material costs 10 euros per meter, the installation might cost 20 euros per meter, for a total of about 30 euros per linear meter of fence. This is only an indicative figure and can vary depending on the specific difficulties of the job.


I hope this video was helpful to you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and visit our websites. You can find more information and see some of our installation works at for our institutional website and for our e-commerce. See you soon!

Thank you for your attention and see you next time!

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