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How to Join a Shade Cloth

Hello everyone! We are pleased to welcome you to Fenceshop. Today we will show you how to join a shade cloth. I'm Marco and I will guide you step by step through this process. But why might we need to join a shade cloth? Well, it could happen if you run out of the roll, make a cutting mistake, or want to repair a damaged cloth. Regardless of the reason, we will see the best way to do it together.


Before starting, it's important to make a premise: whatever method we use, it will still be a joint, so let's keep that in mind. We have fixed a part of the shade cloth in a frame as if it were the piece we had available. When we finish our roll and need to start with another cloth, it's crucial to know how to perform this operation correctly.

First Step: Alignment

The first aspect to consider is the alignment. We have temporarily fixed the shade cloth and made sure that the joint falls on the post. This is because it's more discreet than making it fall in the middle between one post and another. I cut the shade cloth almost flush with the center of the post and now we take the other edge of the cloth and bring it closer.

Fold and Tie

To eliminate visible fringes, we need to cover the already fixed cloth with the new one by folding it slightly 2-4 centimeters. If the cloth is abundant, we can fold it twice. Once aligned, we need to tie it. To do this, we use simple tying wire and pliers. We align the cloth, fold it onto itself, and place it elegantly, then we make a tie around the post.

Practical Tips

It is advisable to have two people for this job, as one can hold the cloth on one side and the other on the other. After making the first tie, we need to repeat the operation along the entire height of the shade cloth. A trick is to make equidistant ties, skipping one mesh and another, to maintain a neat appearance.

Final Fixing

Once all the ties are completed, we can pull the cloth and fix it permanently, preferably making a slight fold if the amount of cloth allows it. Remember that shade cloth has some elasticity, so we can tie it at the end post to achieve an optimal result.

Alternative: Mesh Cover Plate

Another method of joining a shade cloth is to use a mesh cover plate. This plate is made of two parts that easily detach by hand. After overlapping the two cloths and making a small reinforcement edge, instead of tying, we place the mesh cover plate by punching through the three layers of cloth. Then we position the other half of the plate on the other side and tighten it with pliers or hammer blows.


The video ends here, we hope it has been helpful and taught you how to make a well-done joint on a shade cloth. If you have other methods or suggestions, let us know. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more tutorials! Thank you and see you soon!

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