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How Far to Place Brace Arms from the Fence Post

Hello everyone, we are Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce of Rete Plastic. Today we will guide you in choosing the correct distance for placing brace arms in your fence projects. We have already covered this topic in a previous video, which we will link in the description, but today we will focus on the distance between the base of the post and the length of the brace arm.

Proper Setup of the Brace Arm

First of all, it is important to understand common mistakes in positioning the brace arms. We often see posts with brace arms that are too narrow, which can cause the post to lift and even overturn the foundation plinth. On the other hand, brace arms that are too long can bend under tension, compromising the stability of the fence.

Is There a Precise Rule?

There is no fixed rule for the distance between the brace arms and the post, but we have developed a reference table to help you. This table indicates standard post heights, from 100 cm to 600 cm, and the recommended distance for placing the brace arms. For example, for a 2-meter high mesh, the correct distance of the brace arm from the base of the post is about 110 cm.

The distance of the brace arm increases by 10 cm for each height increment of the mesh. So, if you have a 1-meter high mesh, the distance will be about 70 cm, while for a 3-meter high mesh, it will be about 180 cm.

The Function of Brace Arms

Brace arms are essential for the stability of fences, especially at starts and corners. Positioning them correctly will help you avoid future problems, such as the bending of posts under the tension of the mesh. Some users have suggested using two brace arms to further increase stability, and this is definitely a good practice.


We invite you to visit our websites and to discover all our products. Keep the reference table in mind to correctly position your brace arms and ensure the longevity and stability of your fences. Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

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