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Are Corner Posts Special Posts?

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce for fence products. We are often asked if corner posts need to be different from the others. The short answer is: it depends. Let's take a look at the different types of fences and see if they require special posts.

Type 1: T-Post

The classic T-post, whether green, galvanized, or gray, with the L-shaped brace arm, does not require a special post. This type of fence uses a standard T-post with the addition of a brace arm attached with a bolt at the top. For both corners and starts, the post remains the same.

Type 2: Round Post

For fences with round post and round brace arm, the principle is the same. Here too, the post remains a standard intermediate post, with the addition of a brace arm and a fixing collar. No special post is required.

Type 3: Galvanized Round Posts for Sports Use

When it comes to sports fences with galvanized round posts, we use a collar with specific characteristics to ensure superior robustness. However, even in this case, the post remains the same, with the addition of accessories to create corners or starts.

Type 4: Panel Fences

Panel fences can vary. Some systems use the same post with special joints or collars to fix the panels and create corners. Other brands, which we have previously dealt with, offered specific corner posts, but they were not highly demanded. We recommend carefully checking if your panel fence requires specific corner posts.

An example is the Panopro panel by Cavatorta, where we use fixing brackets to create 90-degree corners. Here too, the post remains the same, simply adapted with accessories.

Type 5: Electrofused Grating

For electrofused grating, whether galvanized or painted, the post does not change. What varies are the adapter brackets used to connect the panel to the post and create corners. Again, the post remains the same.


So, are corner posts special? Generally speaking, no. However, it is essential to verify if the fence you are purchasing requires specific corner posts. Here at Fenceshop, we have adapted to a more convenient system, producing only intermediate posts and using accessories to create corners and starts.

I hope I have provided you with useful information. We invite you to subscribe to our channel and join our Facebook community for more details and discussions. Visit our websites and to discover all the materials for fences. See you in the next video, bye!

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