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Fencing on Terraced Land

How should one make a fence on terraced lands? Let's find out together! Hi everyone, we are Fenceshop, the e-commerce for products to make fences. In this article, we will explain how to tackle the challenge of fencing terraced lands, a typical Italian scenario, such as those found in Liguria.

What are terraces?

Terraces are typically supported by dry stone walls that help level the sloping terrain. These terraces are common in hilly and mountainous areas where the land needs to be made cultivable or habitable. We often get asked how to fence these lands, and today we will give you some tips and ideas to do the job best.

Typical Scenario and Solutions

Imagine a terraced land seen in section: there are patches of soil or lawn contained by dry stone walls. Let's look at two main scenarios for fencing these lands.

Scenario 1: Low Steps

If the drop between the steps is small, around 80 centimeters or one meter, we can use a single post for the fence. Look at photo 1: in this case, the drop was about 80 centimeters, and we adopted the single post solution. What does it mean? The fence has a post that extends from the lower part of the step to the upper part, encompassing both sides of the fence.

For example, if we have a mesh 2 meters high, the post needs to be 2 meters plus the step (1 meter), hence 3 meters, plus half a meter for burying and cementing. This brings the total height of the post to 3.5 meters. Even though finding posts of this height is not always easy, it is still possible to extend a pipe or find a suitable metal rod.

Scenario 2: High Steps

If the steps are very high, for instance, 3 meters, the single post solution becomes impractical. In these cases, each fence module must be treated separately, with a double post: one at the top that closes the first fence and one at the bottom that starts the next section.

Each section of the fence will need a brace arm, as if it were a standalone fence, with all the characteristics of fences that begin and end. This involves a bit more work and the necessity to interrupt the mesh more frequently.


The concept remains similar to that of stepped fences on little walls, a simpler situation with steps every 20 centimeters. We leave the link in the description for more details and tips on how to make your fence.

Fencing on terraces is neither a simple nor a quick task. It requires time and effort, especially in steep areas with difficult access and the presence of stones in the soil. However, with the right tips and tools, it is possible to achieve a well-made and elegant fence.

We hope we have been helpful with these tips. If you have questions, leave a comment, we would be happy to answer you. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more weekly videos about fences and visit our e-commerce Fenceshop for all the necessary products.

See you soon and in the next video, bye!

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