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Panopro 2000: The Classic Wire Fence Panels

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop. Today we will talk about fence panels, focusing specifically on the Panopro 2000 model, produced by Cavatorta. This type of fence is a classic in the industry, and we want to give you all the necessary information to understand its technical characteristics and installation.

Components of the Panopro 2000 System

The Panopro 2000 system is mainly composed of three elements: the panel, the square-section posts, and the fixing joints. Let's analyze each component in detail.

  • Length: The panel has a standard length of two meters. It's important to note that these measurements are fixed, similar to tiles that cannot be requested in different sizes.
  • Mesh: The mesh of the panel measures 55 x 200 mm, with the 55 mm referring to the center-to-center distance and the 200 mm to the internal length of the long side.
  • Wire Diameter: The wire has a diameter of 5 mm, ideal for a robust fence. The wire is galvanized and plastic-covered, available in green or anthracite gray colors.
  • Available Heights: The standard heights are 103 cm, 123 cm, 153 cm, 173 cm, and 203 cm. On order, heights of 63 cm and 253 cm are also available.
  • Dimensions: The post is 50 x 50 mm square-section with a thickness of 1.5 mm, galvanized and plastic-covered in anthracite green colors.
  • Plate: The lower part of the post has a plate with four holes for 8 or 10 mm dowels, already welded for greater convenience.
Fixing Joints
  • Components: The fixing joint consists of a sturdy metal plate with a central square hole and two folds to accommodate the panel.
  • Bolt: The bolt is equipped with a male and female telescopic screw, with a clean round head on one side and a TORX hex key on the other.
Uses of the Panopro 2000

The Panopro 2000 is ideal for residential, industrial, and civil uses. However, it is not recommended for high-level sports facilities due to its medium robustness.

Installation of Fence Panels

The installation of fence panels can vary in difficulty from 1 to 5. For the Panopro 2000, we suggest a difficulty level of 3-4 for the bolting version and 4-5 for the cementing version.

  • Bolting Version: Simply place the plate on the wall and bolt it. This method is easier.
  • Cementing Version: Requires the creation of holes in the ground, the pouring of concrete, and the assembly of the fence system inside. It is necessary to wait for the concrete to dry before proceeding to the final setup.
Other Features and Curiosities
  • Mounting the Points: The points of the panels can be eliminated by turning the panel, keeping a smooth wire at the top.
  • Internal or External Installation: The panel can be installed either inside the post or on the front of the post, offering installation flexibility.
  • Installation Pitch: The pitch varies depending on the installation: 205 cm for installation on the side of the post and 202.5 cm for frontal installation.
  • Steps and Angles: The metal plates allow for easy handling of steps and angles, using self-tapping screws to secure the panels.
  • Curves: To create curves, it is possible to leave the bolts slightly loose to allow for the desired inclination.
Cutting the Panel

To cut a Panopro 2000 panel, large cutting pliers or a grinder with a disc wheel can be used. It's possible to cut the horizontal wires to reduce the length of the panel.

Final Considerations

Remember that the Panopro 2000, with its two-meter by two-meter panels, requires careful transportation, with pallet packaging to avoid damage during shipping. If you decide to collect the material yourself, make sure you have a suitable vehicle. For more information or questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment. Good work to all and see you soon!

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