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5 benefits of chain link mesh

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce specializing in fences. Today I want to talk about the five benefits of chain link mesh, a product I consider the queen of meshes. Let’s discover together why this type of mesh can be the ideal solution for various needs.

Adaptability to the Terrain

The first huge advantage of chain link mesh is its exceptional adaptability to any type of terrain. Whether it is a flat area or a steep slope, even in almost extreme situations, this mesh always does its job well. It's the only mesh currently that can be laid effectively on very uneven grounds.

Ideal for Sports Activities

Chain link mesh is perfect for different types of sports. It is commonly used on football and futsal fields thanks to the larger diameters. Even in tennis and automotive or kart circuits, these meshes are highly appreciated. They have a galvanized surface treatment that makes them durable while maintaining the chain link structure. Think also of combat sports like MMA, where these meshes are often used around the ring.

Variety of Sizes and Colors

This mesh is available in different sizes, colors, and surface treatments. On order, we can provide custom-sized links such as 30-30 or 60 mm for specific uses. Additionally, it is one of the few meshes produced with a height of 3 meters. This versatility makes it suitable for various applications and contexts.

Ease of Joining

Another significant advantage is the ease with which rolls of chain link mesh can be joined and repaired. If a roll runs out or part of the mesh is damaged, it is possible to replace the piece without noticeable aesthetic defects. This makes the mesh very practical and convenient for long-term projects.

Economic Convenience

Finally, chain link mesh is one of the most economical options among plastic-coated fence meshes. The cost is particularly low if the mesh has large dimensions and the wire diameter is thin. Despite the existence of more sophisticated solutions, this mesh remains an economical and functional choice for many fencing needs.


For us at Fenceshop, chain link mesh is an extraordinary mesh. Despite criticism for various reasons, it remains an excellent solution for those looking for a versatile, economical, and easy-to-install mesh. When I think of a fence mesh, this type with its classic knot and simple twist immediately comes to mind.

Before concluding, we invite you to leave your comments and tell us about your experiences with chain link meshes. If you need more personalized information, join our Facebook community, where you can ask questions and receive answers directly from us. See you soon and in the next video, bye!

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