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How to Install a Fence Brace Arm on Wooden Posts

Hello everyone, I am Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce of Rete Plastic. In this video, we will answer a question posed by one of our users: how can I install a brace arm on wooden posts, such as bamboo? Bamboo is an incredibly robust material, used in the East to build houses and structures. However, it is not easy to find wooden or bamboo posts already prepared to accommodate brace arms. Let's see how to do it together.

Preparing the Wooden Post

To position a brace arm on a wooden post, we recommend creating a notch, a cut, or a fixing point. Here's how to proceed:

  • Make a diagonal cut on the post, as if it were a V or L shape.
  • Remove the excess wood.
  • Insert the brace arm into the created notch so that it resists and does not slip.
  • The tension of the mesh wires will prevent the post from slipping forward.
  • For increased security, you can fix the brace arm with a wood screw.

This method ensures a robust and stable fixing.

Alternative Method

Another faster method involves positioning the brace arm in front of the post and fixing it with wood screws:

  • Place the brace arm in front of the post.
  • Fix the brace arm with one, two, or three wood screws.

This solution is less elegant and can obstruct the mesh or appear less aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetic Bindings

If you want to improve the aesthetics of the fixing, you can use hemp rope bindings:

  • Cover the screws and brace arm with a hemp cord.
  • The binding masks the screws and gives a more natural look.

This solution is often used in playgrounds and decorative structures.

Using Specific Accessories

Another option is to use accessories like brace arm collars:

  • A collar fixes the brace arm to the post.
  • A transverse bolt supports the tension of the mesh.
  • This solution prevents the post from slipping or bending.

In this video, we explored various solutions to fix a brace arm on a wooden or bamboo post. The fundamental concept is that the post should not move or slip when pulling the mesh. You can choose the method you prefer based on your needs and the desired aesthetics.

Thank you for watching the video till the end. We remind you to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss our weekly videos and to visit our websites and to discover all our products. See you soon in the next video. Goodbye!

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