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How to Stretch a Fence Mesh: The Tool for the Job

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop! Welcome back to our series "From Saying to Doing." Today, by popular demand from our users, we will see how to stretch a fence mesh. This will be the first of three videos: in this one, we'll discover the main tool for this operation, in the second video we'll see how to stretch a chain link mesh, and in the third video we'll focus on the rigid welded mesh.


Before starting, it's important to make an introduction: there is no universal method for stretching a mesh. We at Fenceshop will show you our method, which comes from our experience and habits. If any of you want to get creative, feel free to do so. The main goal is to stretch the mesh effectively.

The main tool: the cable winch

The tool we'll talk about today is the cable winch. At first glance, it might seem complex, but it's not. The cable winch is essentially a cable collector. Inside it, there are about two meters of coiled cable, with two attachment points at the ends and a lever that allows you to unwind or tension the cable.

Technical characteristics of the cable winch
  • Two meters of coiled cable
  • Two attachment points at the ends
  • A lever to unwind or tension the cable
  • A spring with a yellow rubber piece to unlock the lever
  • A second uncolored lever to completely unlock the system
How to use the cable winch

Before tensioning a mesh, we need to position the cable winch with the cable almost fully retracted and the lever unlocked. To unlock the lever, there's a spring with a yellow rubber piece that needs to be moved to engage or disengage the mechanism. At the other end, there's another lever that needs to be pressed to completely unlock the system.

Once the yellow lever and the uncolored one are unlocked, we can unwind the excess cable. This step is essential to create the excess cable needed to stretch and collect the mesh. To collect the cable, simply unlock the yellow lever and start pulling. The cable will automatically collect, shortening the distance between the attachment points.

If we want to unlock the cable again, just repeat the operation: unlock the yellow lever and press the uncolored lever. This allows us to free the cable and unwind it again. Knowing this mechanism is essential before tensioning a mesh.


This video ends here. We hope we provided a clear and useful explanation on how to use the cable winch. Remember to subscribe to our channel and visit our websites: for our institutional site and for our e-commerce, where you can find this accessory and many other products for your fences. See you soon and thanks for your attention!

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