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5 Types of Stressed Fences

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce for Rete Plastic. Today we want to talk about a very important topic: fences that are subject to stress. Not all fences are meant to stand still like a piece of décor; some are subjected to strong stress and must be chosen carefully. Let's see together the most common situations in which fences are stressed and how to choose the right material to avoid future problems.

1. Soccer Fields

One of the uses that most tests fences are soccer fields, especially small ones (40x20 meters). In these fields, the fences behind the goals are often destroyed due to strong ball impacts and players crashing into them. In these cases, welded meshes, even if robust, tend to come apart due to vibrations. The ideal solution is to opt for a strong chain link mesh, like the T-Sport by Cavatorta, which absorbs impacts like a shock absorber and prevents mesh deformation.

2. Sports Facilities

Another critical situation concerns sports facilities in general, especially public ones. Here, fences are stressed by kids crashing into them, opening them to pass underneath, or playing against them. In these cases, it's better to avoid low-cost meshes and choose more robust materials. We recommend using steel cables and horizontal tension wires, which, although they come at a relative cost, significantly increase the fence's durability.

3. Wild Boars

Perhaps the most feared problem is that of wild boars, which can destroy both fences and fields. Hill areas are particularly exposed to this problem. In these cases, it is essential to use specific meshes and reinforce the lower part. Cavatorta has developed a range of meshes called Defense, ideal for this purpose. It is advisable to bury the mesh to prevent boars from digging underneath it.

4. Dog Areas

Dog areas, often present in municipal zones, are another situation where fences are heavily stressed. Often, those who commission them do not have a clear idea of the type of material to use and simply request a "mesh". Dog fences need to be robust and properly installed. We recommend the use of strong posts, concrete footings, and welded meshes with small openings (50x25 mm).

5. Children's Playgrounds

Children's playgrounds are another critical area. Here, fences are subjected to continuous stress by children who climb over, pull on, and lean against them. I would avoid wooden fences and light meshes. The best solution is to use rigid panel fences, which offer superior durability over time and can also be colored to make the environment more pleasant.


In general, it is important to have a sense of civic duty and take care of public works. Fences, if chosen and installed correctly, can last long and offer better service. We invite everyone to reflect on the importance of maintaining fences, which have been paid for by all of us, in good condition. Thank you for watching this video. We remind you to subscribe to our channel and visit our community on Facebook for more advice and discussions about fences.

Thank you and see you in the next video!

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