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How to Install Fence Posts on Curbs

Hello everyone, I’m Marco from Fenceshop. Today we will discuss how to install fence posts on concrete curbs. This is a frequent question we receive from our customers. Let's find out how to do it together!

What are concrete curbs?

Concrete curbs are cement elements about one meter long, commonly used in parking lots and sidewalks to divide two types of asphalt or as risers. These curbs have a 90-degree section with a slightly rounded part that descends slightly. Normally, they protrude from the ground by a few centimeters (about 6-10 cm) and are cemented underground to ensure stability. The visible part is what comes out from the asphalt level.

Why fence above the curbs?

We are often asked to install fences above these curbs because they delineate perimeters or insurmountable boundaries. Even though the curbs are not designed to be structural, it is possible to install a fence on them with some precautions.

How to Install Fence Posts on Curbs

The main problem is the limited space available on the curbs, which is usually about 7-10 cm. This makes it difficult to install a traditional plate for the posts. Additionally, the curbs are not reinforced concrete, so they are relatively fragile. Here’s what we at Fenceshop do:

  • Post plate in the direction of the mesh: Instead of positioning the plate perpendicularly, we install it along the direction of the curb and the mesh. This allows us to anchor in the center of the small available space, ensuring that the anchor holds without breaking the curb.
  • Customized plate: Alternatively, we can have custom plates made that have better holding power. These plates can have two anchors on one side and one on the other for greater robustness. However, you must consider the costs and production times.
Be cautious with shading nets

It is important to avoid applying shading nets on fences installed on curbs. The sail effect caused by the shading net can exert excessive pressure, leading to the post, plate, or even the curb itself failing. Curbs are cemented with lean concrete, a rough and low-resistant cement to pressure.


Installing fence posts on concrete curbs is possible but requires some precautions to ensure the stability and durability of the structure. If you have already carried out such work or have other ideas, write them in the comments! I will respond very gladly.

We invite you to visit our websites: to see references of our works, and for our e-commerce, where you will find posts with plates and many other products for your fences. And remember, be cautious with shading nets! Goodbye everyone and good work!

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