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What also determines the price of a fence mesh

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop and today we will talk about a factor that significantly determines the price of meshes. The need to make this video came from a customer who told me the other day: "Just give me that mesh because it's galvanized and therefore costs less." No, it's not true, and it's a fairly common opinion. Let's clarify a bit.

In my hand, I have three samples of mesh of the same weave, same type of mesh, so a 19-19 weave. What changes between them? The surface treatment is very important in determining the price. We can summarize everything into three macro families:

  • Meshes galvanized first
  • Meshes galvanized first and plastic-coated
  • Hot-dip galvanized meshes
Meshes galvanized first

How is this mesh made? First of all, the wire is galvanized with a zinc and steel alloy. After galvanizing, the excess zinc is blown off to save material, and then the mesh is constructed, welding weave by weave. The amount of zinc on the wire of this mesh is minimal, about 8.5-10 microns. This type of mesh tends to rust, especially at the welding points, but not immediately. Companies do not offer warranties on this type of mesh.

Meshes galvanized first and plastic-coated

This mesh is similar to the previous one, but with two additional steps. After the wire is galvanized, an intermediate layer of primer is applied which makes the final plastic coating adhere. This process gives the mesh greater durability and a better aesthetic. Serious companies guarantee these meshes for at least ten years outdoors. The main use is residential, thanks to the combination of durability and aesthetics.

Hot-dip galvanized meshes

Hot-dip galvanized meshes are constructed with raw iron wire, welded, and then immersed in a hot bath of zinc. In this case, the amount of zinc on the wire is 40-60 microns, much higher than the previous models. Consequently, the price is higher. The manufacturer Cavatorta guarantees these meshes for over 20 years.

Summarizing the three mesh models:

  • Meshes galvanized first: Agricultural use, lower cost.
  • Meshes galvanized first and plastic-coated: Residential use, intermediate price.
  • Hot-dip galvanized meshes: Construction and hot-dip galvanizing, higher cost.

I started the video talking about prices. It is not a fixed general rule; there can be price variations depending on the quotation of zinc or plastic coating. However, the general rule is this: meshes galvanized first are cheaper, those galvanized first and plastic-coated have an intermediate price, and hot-dip galvanized meshes are the most expensive.

When choosing a mesh, also make an assessment based on the price and consider these factors. At Fenceshop, we are here to explain these differences and help you understand the reasons for any price variations.

Thank you for your attention. Remember to visit our websites, the institutional site and for our e-commerce. Leave comments if you have any. Goodbye!

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