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The 3 Most Beautiful Fences

Hello everyone, I am Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce of Rete Plastic. Today we will talk about the three fences that, in my opinion, are the most beautiful. Before we start, let's celebrate our two-hundredth video on the YouTube channel! Congratulations to us! These videos are a valuable source of information for those who want to build fences. Now, let's discover together the three most beautiful fences. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel and activate the bell to stay updated on new videos.

Preamble: Beauty is Subjective

The concept of beauty is subjective: what I like may not appeal to you and vice versa. However, there are features that make an object beautiful in the eyes of most people, such as clean lines and harmonious design.

Fence No. 1: Slatted Fences

The first type is represented by slatted fences. This product, originally produced by Orso Grill, was one of the pioneers in the field. Personally, I prefer fences with horizontal folds: I find them modern, clean, linear, and very sturdy. Also, they offer great privacy. In my opinion, they are even more beautiful when painted, like the white ones. If left only galvanized, they maintain a nice look but are more suited for industrial use.

Fence No. 2: Sheet Metal Fences

The second type of beautiful fences are sheet metal fences. They can be folded, blind or with laser cut. This type of fence is very fashionable, and I really like it. There are companies that produce standard panels, but we at Fenceshop also offer customized solutions. Laser cutting today is an accessible and relatively inexpensive technology, allowing for custom designs. These fences can have simple or elaborate lines, and I prefer the simpler ones. However, it is important not to overdo the thickness of the metal sheet to avoid bending.

Fence No. 3: Composite Material Fences

The third type of beautiful fences is made of composite materials like wood and iron. Although we do not make these specific fences, we have created some gates with wood panels. The combination of wood and iron is beautiful, but wood requires maintenance over time. If not properly treated, wood exposed to the elements can deteriorate, so it needs to be sanded and repainted periodically. Despite this, these fences are wonderful.

The Cost of Beauty

A common aspect of all these fences is the cost. As is often the case, what is beautiful tends to be expensive. These three types of fences are relatively expensive compared to traditional fences. However, cost is a subjective factor: what is expensive to me may not be to you and vice versa. Generally speaking though, the average prices of these fences are higher than the average.


The video ends here. We thank you for your attention and invite you to write in the comments which is your favorite fence. We are not talking about works of art but about practical and beautiful DIY fences. Remember to visit our websites and for our e-commerce. See you in the next video! Bye bye!

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