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Chicken wire? Yes, but not just that...

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, and today we want to talk about a particular mesh, often called "chicken wire." But is it really just for chicken coops? In our opinion, this mesh has many other interesting features, and we want to share them with you.

Technical features of triple twist mesh

First of all, let's talk about the technical features of this mesh. It is a triple twist mesh, which means that each link has three turns of wire on each side. This mesh is hot-dip galvanized after twisting, making it rust-resistant. The links are available in five different sizes, but on our Fenceshop e-commerce site, we offer three. The heights vary depending on the link size, starting from 50 centimeters up to two meters. The mesh is sold in rolls of 50 linear meters, but we also offer cuts by the meter for those who do not need the entire roll.

Main uses of the mesh

This mesh is commonly known as "chicken wire" because it is widely used in zootechnical and agricultural sectors for fencing chickens, rabbits, and aviaries. However, its features make it suitable for many other uses:

  • Construction: Used as a support in plaster, especially the 13x13 link size, which is perfect for this type of work. For example, we covered an entire pavilion in Turin to prevent the plaster from crumbling.
  • Industry and civil contexts: Used as a protective mesh in various industrial and civil contexts.
  • DIY: Thanks to its malleability, it is ideal for creating sculptures, carnival costumes, and other DIY projects. For example, a friend of mine made decorative cacti and lamps using this mesh.
Ease of use

Another advantage of this mesh is its ease of use. It is light, easy to handle, and can be cut with simple wire cutters or tin snips. To secure it, you just need some binding wire or to bend the links onto themselves. Moreover, this mesh is barely visible, making it ideal for applications on railings to prevent small dogs from getting out.

Durability and cost-effectiveness

Despite its lightness, this mesh is very sturdy thanks to hot-dip galvanization. It lasts over time and is cost-effective, making it a winning choice for multiple applications.


In conclusion, the triple twist mesh is not just "chicken wire." Its unique features make it suitable for a wide range of uses, from construction to DIY projects. It is an economical, durable, and versatile mesh. We invite you to try it out to discover all its advantages.

Well, our video ends here. I take this opportunity to greet my friend Massimo, who made the cacti. Hi, Massimo! I remind you to subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and to visit our sites. Leave a comment if you have something to say. Bye and see you next time!

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