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How to Install a Shade Cloth

Hello everyone, we are from Fenceshop and today we will guide you step-by-step on how to install a shade cloth. Shade cloths can vary in weight, color, and size, but the steps for proper installation are universal. Follow us in this tutorial to discover all the details and useful tips for achieving a perfect result.

Necessary Equipment

To start, in addition to the shade cloth, you will need:

  • Pliers
  • Tying wire
  • Fix-tie hooks or fix-ties
Placing the Roll

First of all, place the roll of shade cloth in the right direction, with the nicer side facing outwards. Unroll it a bit and start from the beginning of the fence, which will be the first post at the top left. An important tip is to fold over the edge of the shade cloth to improve both the aesthetics and the robustness of the tying point.

Securing with Tying Wire

Take the first part of the cloth, fold it once or twice, and secure it with the tying wire. Repeat the operation along the entire height of the fence, always folding the cloth inwards. It is advisable to tie every 10-15 cm to ensure the durability of the shade cloth over time.

Cutting and Final Securing

Once the shade cloth is unrolled to the end of the fence, cut it with simple scissors, leaving a margin of about 5 cm to fold it over as done at the beginning. Again, secure the cloth with the tying wire, keeping a distance of about 15-20 cm between the ties.

Using Fix-Tie Hooks

For those who prefer, it is possible to use fix-tie hooks. You can choose to place them on the shade cloth first and then secure everything to the mesh, or place them directly on the shade cloth already in position. In either case, make sure that the hook grips both the mesh and the shade cloth well.

Electrician's Fix-Ties

Another valid option is the electrician's fix-ties, preferably UV-protected for greater durability. Insert the fix-tie through the shade cloth and tighten, cutting off the excess. Here too, maintain a tying distance of about 15-20 cm.

Final Tip: Tension Wire

For an even neater and more resistant result, you can add a horizontal tension wire. Place it at the end of the work, piercing the shade cloth and passing the wire through it. This system helps keep the cloth taut and prevents it from puffing in the wind.

In conclusion, we have seen various methods for installing a shade cloth, from tying wire to fix-tie hooks and fix-ties. At Fenceshop, we recommend the tying wire for greater versatility and robustness, but each method has its advantages. If you have other techniques or suggestions, leave us a comment, we are always curious to learn new solutions. Happy working to everyone!

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