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Polyethylene Mesh... a bit of history

Today we will talk about polyethylene meshes with a special guest who knows a lot about it. Here he is, hello Stefano. Hello Mario, thank you for coming. Thank you for the invitation. Thanks, it has been a great pleasure. Stefano Archetti, owner of Retificio Sensole, is a long-time supplier of polyethylene meshes. Who knows this world better than him? I don't believe there is anyone else. Now we will ask Stefano some questions to better understand the history of this mesh and some curiosities.

A bit of the history of meshes

Stefano, coming from a family that has always dealt with meshes, can you briefly tell us a bit about the history of these meshes? Sure, the first findings related to mesh date back to 8,000 B.C. From then on, its use became quite frequent starting from 3,000 B.C. in the Egyptian world. The Egyptians used threads like linen and hemp to weave the meshes, mainly for fishing. Today, of course, the materials have changed. While natural fibers were used in the past, today synthetic fibers like nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene are used.

Production of meshes

Stefano explains that the production of mesh can essentially be divided into two parts: mass production and handmade production. This depends on the areas where the product is sought. Stefano's family tradition dates back to the mid-last century, starting from 1945-46, right after the war. We live in an area that is the mesh area, that is Lake Iseo and Montisola, where meshes began to be knotted starting from the 1800s. Therefore, it is a local tradition that has become familial.

Types of meshes

Polyethylene meshes can be knotted or unknotted. An unknotted mesh is called knotless or raschel work. In the case of the knotted mesh, like the one we handle, a single English knot is used. The main difference is not so much in the presence or absence of a knot, but in the composition of the used thread. A 3 mm unknotted mesh has about 11 monofilaments, while a knotted mesh has 48, which results in greater robustness and durability.


The installation of a sports mesh can be done by the customer for small pieces, but for large protection meshes for soccer or futsal fields, specific equipment and competent personnel are required. The meshes must be well secured to avoid impacts and abrasions, especially caused by the wind.

Fire resistance

Polyethylene meshes do not ignite easily and tend to self-extinguish. Some meshes, like those for bird repelling, have a class 1 fire reaction classification, which means they are very resistant to small flames and radiant heat.

Anti-pigeon meshes

Anti-pigeon meshes are in high demand to protect airports, monuments, and bell towers. They are visually unobtrusive and very effective. Available in colors like black and sand, these meshes have a mesh size of about 50 x 50 mm and a very fine 1 mm thread.

Fence kits

We at Fenceshop already sell fence kits that include mesh, posts, and accessories. The concept of the kit is very popular with our customers. It might be interesting to consider a kit also for anti-pigeon meshes to install on home balconies. Let us know in the comments what you think!

Quality of meshes

Stefano reminds us of the importance of being well-informed about the type of material of the mesh. For example, untreated polypropylene degrades quickly under sunlight. Polyethylene, on the other hand, guarantees greater durability. Therefore, when you buy a mesh, it is crucial to know the material it is made of.

Where to find us

Our headquarters are in Travagliato, where we assemble large dimension meshes. You can also find our meshes on Fenceshop, our online store, with the possibility of having them installed by competent personnel.

Thanks for your attention, we hope this information has been useful to you. Remember to subscribe to the channel and leave comments. Visit our website and our e-commerce Thank you and see you soon. Bye everyone!

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