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Galvanized Mesh for Aviaries and More

Hello everyone, we're the Fenceshop team, and today we want to talk to you about small mesh galvanized welded meshes. These meshes, produced by Cavatorta, belong to the Esafort family. Why do we call it a "family"? Because Cavatorta offers a wide range of meshes with at least 13 different mesh sizes and various wire thicknesses. At Fenceshop, we carry about 8 of them.

Technical Features of Esafort Meshes

Esafort meshes are characterized by linear horizontal and vertical wires without undulations. The meshes can be square or rectangular and are supplied in rolls. We also offer a convenient meter cut to suit your specific needs.

Uses of Esafort Meshes

These meshes are extremely versatile and can be used in various contexts:

  • Industrial: Used to create cages to contain production pieces, such as for heat treatments.
  • Agricultural: Ideal for aviary cages or for small animals.
  • Domestic: Perfect for creating grates that prevent leaves from passing through floor openings, like in basements.
  • Food: Used to create cages for cheese production.
Installation of Esafort Meshes

Esafort meshes are rarely installed on their own. Usually, they are applied over existing fences to prevent small animals or children from passing through the openings. The mesh is hand-stretched and tied with galvanized tie wire. A specific version, the 10x10 mm, is certified for use on sliding gates to prevent accidents.

DIY and Creativity

Many of our customers purchase these meshes for DIY projects, such as creating cages or small structures. Your creativity is the limit! You can bend and handle the mesh to suit your specific needs.

Hot-Dip Galvanization

One of the most important technical features of Esafort meshes is the hot-dip galvanization. This surface treatment guarantees a greater amount of zinc than European standards. Additionally, the galvanization does not crack when the mesh is bent, preventing rust formation.

Cutting the Mesh

To cut the mesh, you can use tin snips, bolt cutters, or pincers. Tin snips allow for faster cutting, while bolt cutters and pincers take more time as you need to cut wire by wire.

Mesh for Parrots

The 25x25 mm mesh is particularly suited for parrot cages. This type of mesh has wire thick enough to prevent parrots from cutting it with their beaks. Many breeders choose this mesh for the safety and durability it offers.

In conclusion, Cavatorta's Esafort meshes are a versatile and durable solution for a wide range of applications. We invite you to visit our website to learn more and to subscribe to our channel to stay updated on upcoming videos and useful tips. Bye everyone!

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