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The 4th Way to Raise a Fence

Hello everyone, it’s us again from Fenceshop! Today we are going to share with you an innovative method to raise a fence. So far, in our previous videos, we have discussed three classic methods for raising a fence: placing a post alongside another, cutting and welding it, or inserting a round tube and pouring cement. However, today we present a fourth very interesting and practical method.

The News: Vortek Straight Post Extension

Our latest innovation comes from Vortek, which has developed a straight post extension. This accessory is designed to raise a fence quickly and easily. If you have seen our previous videos, you know we've discussed extensions inclined at a 45-degree angle inward or outward. Now, Vortek has created an extension with the same concept, but straight.

Technical Features

Let's look at the technical features of this extension:

  • Support Profile: It has a particular U or C shape, suitable for T30 and T35 sections, which are the sections of classic T-shaped posts.
  • Surface Treatment: Plastic-coated in green color, which provides good resistance to weather conditions.
  • Total Length: 65 cm, with a usable rise of about 50 cm.
  • Fasteners: Double locking bolt with nut and flange to ensure a solid grip on the T post.
  • Holes: The extension has three 8.5 mm diameter holes, suitable for pulling steel cables, tension wires, or barbed wires, and for applying a mesh.

These holes are strategically positioned to allow a perfect alignment with the holes of the existing post, facilitating the passage of the first wire of the mesh. If we wish to increase the height of the fence, we can align the holes to achieve a rise of about 50 cm.

Easy Installation

One of the features that makes this extension so interesting is its extreme ease of installation. Simply insert the extension into the T post, position it at the desired height, and secure it with the bolts. In just a few minutes, the extension will be firmly anchored to the existing post, ready to support the mesh or tension wires.

The price of this extension is very competitive and represents a valid alternative to more complex and expensive work. We invite you to seriously consider this accessory for your fencing projects.

Where to Find the Vortek Extension

You can find the Vortek extension in our online store Fenceshop, in the section dedicated to posts and supports. We invite you to visit our site to discover the price and other technical features, accompanied by detailed photos of the product.

Thank you for your attention and remember to visit our official site for more information. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to stay updated on our new videos and tutorials dedicated to the world of fences.

Thanks and see you in the next video!

Goodbye from Fenceshop!

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