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How to Dig Holes for the Fence?

Hello everyone, I’m Marco from Fenceshop. Today we want to talk about a fundamental topic for those who want to install a fence: how to dig holes in the ground. We have already discussed how to lay the mesh, wires, and shading nets, as well as the type of post to use. However, the basic step for any fence is precisely digging holes in the ground, and we haven't detailed it yet. This suggestion came from one of our subscribers, whom we thank, because sometimes we take for granted some things that are not obvious to everyone. So, let’s find out together how to do it.

Option 1: Excavator

For the luckiest, the excavator is the number one ideal tool for digging holes in the ground. Whether the soil is sandy, clayey, or rocky, the excavator can handle it. Nowadays, it is possible to rent excavators quite easily and economically. It doesn't require outrageous costs and solves a great amount of effort and problems. So, if you can, seriously consider the option of renting a mini excavator.

Option 2: Shovel and Pickaxe

For those who cannot use an excavator, there is always the old shovel. It might seem ridiculous, but in some situations, such as very steep terrains or tight spaces where the excavator cannot reach, the shovel is the only solution. If the ground is particularly rocky, you will also need to add a pickaxe. It is a primitive method but effective when there are no alternatives.

Option 3: Hand Auger

For those who love a challenge, there’s the hand auger. Personally, I don't like it very much, but it can be a good solution for loose and unsettled soils. If the ground contains stones, avoid spending money on a hand auger, because it will not be effective.

Option 4: Motor Auger

There are also motor augers, which we have used in contexts like apartment complexes or row houses, where the soils are generally fill materials and stone-free. In these cases, the motor auger is a quick and efficient solution. However, avoid using it on rocky soils, which are very common in Italy.

Special Equipment

There are other tools like those to attach to tractors or post drivers, but these are expensive and more suited to professional rather than hobbyist use. Therefore, we will not detail them in this context.

Alternatives to Digging Holes

Some might choose not to dig holes in the ground, but we are not big supporters of this practice. We believe that digging holes is essential for a stable and long-lasting fence.

We hope to have answered our subscriber's questions and to have provided useful information to others as well. We remind you to subscribe to our channel and visit our websites and for our e-commerce. On you can see our projects and some installation phases, to understand how we also work with the excavator. See you in the next video, bye!

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