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Orto Gate: Simple and Economical

Hello everyone, we are pleased to welcome you to Fenceshop, your trusted e-commerce for all things fences. Today, we want to introduce our Orto series gate, a practical and economical solution for creating a pedestrian passage in your fence.

Technical Characteristics

The Orto series gate is produced by Rete Plastic and is available only in pedestrian format, ideal for the passage of people. Here are the main technical characteristics:

  • Width: 100 cm clear span
  • Available heights: 1 meter, 1.20 meters, 1.50 meters, 1.75 meters, and 2 meters
  • Perimeter structure: box section 30x30x2 mm on the vertical uprights and box section 20x20x2 mm on the horizontal crossbars
  • Infill: welded mesh with 50x100 mesh size and 4 mm wire welded onto the frame
  • Posts: box section 50x50x2 mm or 60x60x2 mm depending on the height of the gate
  • Standard posts: approximately 50 cm longer for cementation, with the possibility of attaching plates for fastening
  • Hinges: fixed pin, non-adjustable
  • Opening direction: external pull right up to 180 degrees, internal push right up to 90 degrees
  • Locking system: simple latch with the possibility of adding a padlock
  • Surface treatment: polyester powder coating with oven baking, classic green color RAL 6005
  • Packing: individually in shrink nylon, posts separately
Uses and Installation Tips

The Orto series gate is designed for gardens, gardens, and agricultural situations where a pedestrian passage or small equipment up to one meter wide is necessary. Given its economical nature, it is not suitable for very robust fences or situations that require high resistance.

For installation, we rate the difficulty at 3 out of 5. Here are some tips for proper installation:

  • Cementing: assemble the gate before positioning it and use pre-made plinths. Keep it temporarily in place with wires or tubes, raised to the desired level, and then cement it.
  • Leveling: keep it slightly higher during installation as it may settle slightly over time. You will need to be very precise because the hinges are not adjustable.
  • Bracing: it is essential to brace the posts, which means placing diagonal bracing to prevent the posts from spreading and compromising the gate's closure. Alternatively, you can place a crossbar connecting the two posts.

In summary, the Orto series gate is an economical and simple solution, ideal for fencing and delimiting gardens and gardens. It is produced in Italy in our carpentry, and we are proud to offer it to you. We invite you to visit our institutional website and our e-commerce to learn more about this model and other products available.

Thank you for your attention, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel, activate the bell, leave a like, and a comment to let us know what you think. See you soon!

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