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4 Things to Know Before Building a Fence

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop and today I want to share with you four simple tips to keep in mind before building a fence. I don't have materials or frames to show you, but this will be an informative video based on the daily experience we have with our customers. For example, just the other day a customer called me asking how much a fence would cost. This question made me realize the importance of providing clear and precise information before starting any project.

1. Establish the Budget

The first thing to consider is the budget. It's essential to know how much money you have available for your fence. If the goal is to spend as little as possible, then the options are narrowed down to certain types of products. Conversely, if you have a larger budget, you will have access to a much wider range of products with different features. This first step is crucial to guide your choice and define the possibilities.

2. Define the Purpose of the Fence

The second point concerns the purpose of the fence. What do you need it for? If you need to fence a garden for your cat, dog, or child, or if you need a security fence, the needs will be different. Even a sports fence will have specific characteristics. Based on the use, you can choose the most suitable product. For example, to delimit land, an economical fence might be sufficient, while for security purposes a more robust fence might be necessary.

3. Choose the Type of Fence

The third crucial point is the type of fence. There are mainly three families of fences:

  • Chain link mesh: with specific characteristics and varying prices.
  • Welded mesh rolls: with other characteristics and uses.
  • Panel fences: usually more expensive and with a different concept of installation, aesthetics, and mounting.

It's important to assess whether the place where you intend to install the fence is suitable for the chosen type of fence. For example, a panel fence may not be ideal for a forest, even if you have a high budget. In this case, a chain link mesh with a very thick wire diameter might be more suitable.

4. Adequate Information Gathering

Finally, the fourth point is information. Don't jump headfirst into a product just because you like it aesthetically. Get informed first! Our job is also to guide you in making the right choice. Check websites, look around and get an idea of what's on the market. For example, observe how fences are made in sports fields, in villas, or industrial areas. Once you have gathered this information, you will be able to make a more informed and targeted choice.

We hope these tips have been useful and we invite you to contact us for any questions, doubts, or criticisms. We at Fenceshop are always available to help you build the perfect fence for your needs. Thank you all for listening!

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