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Polyethylene Mesh: How is it Produced?

Today, we at Fenceshop have the pleasure of talking about polyethylene meshes with Stefano Archetti, owner of Retificio Sensole, our long-standing supplier. Stefano is an industry expert and will guide us through the technical features and curiosities related to the production of polyethylene meshes.

Custom Cutting

One of the main differences between the meshes we produce and those found in large marketplaces is that we offer custom-made sheets. This means we can create sheets with any mesh size, both for sports use and other uses such as aviaries for pheasant farms or anti-cormorant meshes. Our custom production is a great added value for our customers, as it allows for sheets without visible seams, handcrafted according to Italian artisanal tradition.

Joining and Edging

Our meshes are joined by hand, without the use of metal clips or special sewing machines, making the joints almost invisible. This is particularly important for large sheets, such as those used in soccer fields, where a visible joint would be unacceptable. The perimeter edging is another fundamental feature of our meshes. This operation reinforces the perimeter of the mesh, which is the most delicate point, using a 7-8 millimeter cord. The edging also facilitates mesh installation and improves its aesthetics.

Cutting and Stretching

Our meshes can be easily cut with scissors, trying to stay as close as possible to the center of the mesh. Thanks to a double steam stretching process, the mesh knots are perfectly closed, ensuring a square shape of the meshes. This process is long and complex, but ensures superior quality of our meshes.

Installation Tips

For those who need to cut and install the mesh, we recommend avoiding tying it on the last wire, but curling two or three meshes to reinforce the attachment point. This method reproduces the reinforcement obtained with the perimeter edging.

Packing and Transport

Large meshes are packaged using presses that drastically reduce the volume. For example, a 200 by 6-meter sheet is compressed to obtain a compact package, easy to transport and handle. This process allows us to ship large meshes with ease and convenience.

Meshes for Sports Facility Ceilings

For the roof covering of soccer fields, we recommend using meshes with large mesh size and thin wire. This is important to avoid snow accumulation, which could bend the support posts of the fence. Our ideal mesh for this application has a 15-centimeter mesh and a 2-millimeter diameter wire, capable of withstanding loads up to 40 kg per wire.

Innovations and Future Prospects

We are working on new meshes with special features, such as a transparent mesh for pigeon deterrence, made with fishing line. This mesh will offer high transparency, minimizing visual impact.

In conclusion, we thank Stefano Archetti for sharing his knowledge and experiences with us. We invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel, leave comments, and visit our websites and for more information and to purchase the products we talked about today.

See you soon and thank you for following us!

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