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How to Make a Liftable Fence

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce for quality fences and meshes. Today we'll talk about liftable fences: why to make them and how to build them. Before getting into the details, remember to subscribe to our channel and like the video if you enjoy it. Liftable fences are generally applied to fences of a certain height, such as sports and tall fences. Now let's see the four main scenarios in which a liftable fence becomes necessary.

Sail Effect

The first reason is the sail effect. This phenomenon occurs when a tall and long fence, such as those with a 45-50 mm x 50 mm mesh, creates resistance to the wind, which can cause damage to people and property. To prevent this, we created a liftable fence for a softball field. This fence, about 7-8 meters high, protects the audience from balls during games. Thanks to a pulley system, the fence can be quickly lifted and lowered before and after each game, reducing the risk of damage during downtime.

Snow Damage

The second reason is to prevent damage caused by snow. For example, we made a liftable fence in a ski area in Sestriere. This fence, used to contain golf balls during the spring and summer, is lowered in winter to avoid damage from snow. This way, the fence is protected during winter and ready to be reused in warmer seasons.

Safety Regulations

The third reason concerns compliance with safety regulations. For instance, at the Darcelli stadium, we installed a liftable panel fence that complies with UNI regulations. During training, the fence is 1.20 meters high, but it can be raised to 2.20 meters for official matches. The manual system allows each panel to be lifted with a key or a drill, ensuring the safety of the public only when necessary.

Private Needs

The fourth reason pertains to private needs. A customer requested a liftable fence for his terrace, so his children could play safely. This fence can be easily lifted and dismantled, allowing for seasonal adjustments. In summer, the fence is lifted for play, while in winter it is lowered and stored away.

How to Build a Liftable Fence

Building a liftable fence is certainly possible, but it requires a manual system. At Fenceshop, we offer a very simple accessory: a pulley. This accessory can be mounted on an existing post, making the fence liftable. The kit includes the pulley and the self-locking nut. You simply make a hole in the post, insert the bolt, and secure the pulley. Then, you thread a rope with a diameter of 8-10 mm, not provided, and use a clamp or shackle to secure the mesh.

The mesh can be lifted by pulling the rope, which is then tied to the base of the post. This system is particularly useful for lightweight meshes like hail nets or polyethylene meshes. Once the fence is no longer needed, simply untie the rope, and the weight of the mesh will cause it to fall, allowing it to be dismantled or packed away.

A Success Story

We used this system at the Mondo Juve sports center in Vinovo. Here, the customer wanted to protect training sessions from paparazzi. The fences with shade meshes were lifted during training and lowered immediately afterward to avoid the sail effect.


In conclusion, a liftable fence is a practical and versatile solution for various needs, both sporting and private. At Fenceshop, we offer all the accessories you need to build one. Visit our e-commerce site at for more details and our institutional site to see our projects. Thanks for your attention and see you in the next video!

Remember to subscribe to the channel and like the video if you enjoyed it. Thanks everyone, bye!

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