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The 5 Factors That Ruin a Fence

Welcome, everyone! Today, we at Fenceshop want to talk to you about a very important topic for anyone who owns a fence: the factors that can ruin it. In this article, we will outline the five main reasons that can cause the deterioration of your fences, based on our experience in the field. We hope that this information will help you keep your fences in excellent condition for many years.

1. Salt Spray

The first factor that ruins fences is salt spray. For those living near the sea, salt spray can be extremely harmful. We've even seen stainless steel rust, probably because it wasn't of high quality or suitable for that environment. If high-end boats need to be repainted periodically, imagine what can happen to fences. There are specific treatments, such as the marine cycle, and materials like fiberglass posts, but the fact remains that fences near the sea tend to last less.

2. Vegetation

The second reason is unkempt vegetation. Trees and climbers can grow around the fence, engulfing it and causing significant damage. If the vegetation is not cut back and controlled, it can create a sail effect that can cause the fence to fall over. Additionally, trees that grow excessively can engulf the mesh, creating tensions that could pull down the posts and the mesh itself.

3. Sail Effect

The third reason is the sail effect, caused by the application of tarps or shading nets. These create strong wind resistance, which can cause the fence to fall. It is important to assess the robustness of the posts and limit the heights of the tarps. Avoid placing advertising tarps on fences, as they can cause significant problems.

4. Impacts and Contacts

The fourth factor is impacts with garden tools like lawn tractors and brush cutters. These tools can damage the base of the fences, chip the posts, and cause rust in the weakest points, especially near the ground. It is important to use care during garden maintenance to avoid damaging the fences.

5. Heavy Use

Lastly, heavy use can damage the fences, especially in soccer fields or sports areas. Here, the fences are highly stressed and must be made of suitable materials. If low-cost mesh is used, it will not have the necessary robustness to withstand intensive use. Choosing quality materials during the design phase is essential.


We hope these tips have been helpful in better understanding the factors that can ruin a fence. Always remember to carefully evaluate the material and location of your fence to ensure its longevity. We invite you to visit our websites and to discover our range of products. Thank you for your attention and see you in the next video!

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