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Which Mesh to Choose for Your Dog

Hello everyone, I am Marco from Fenceshop and today we will talk about how to choose the right mesh to fence in our beloved dogs. If your dog bites, tears, or climbs over the mesh, you are in the right place! We will discover together the ideal solution for every need.

Technical Characteristics of the Mesh

Let's start with some technical information. The Esapex 5025 mesh is named after the dimensions of its links: 50 millimeters in the vertical direction and 25 millimeters in the horizontal direction. The wire has an inner diameter of 2 millimeters and an outer diameter of 2.5 millimeters, thanks to the green plastic coating. The mesh is available in 25-meter linear rolls. On Fenceshop, we also offer a handy meter cutter for those who need more or less than 25 meters.

Sizes and Formats

This mesh model is available in five different heights, making it versatile for various uses. It is particularly suitable for dogs thanks to its very tight and sturdy links, which prevent the dog from sticking its muzzle through the mesh and tearing the wires with its teeth. Furthermore, a mesh up to two meters high creates a wall effect, preventing the dog from climbing over it.

Sporting Use

Another field of use for this mesh is in sports. It is ideal for fencing in bocce courts, as the tight links prevent the game ball from leaving the court. Additionally, it is used in punch ball courts, where it is overlapped to create walls up to 12 meters high, allowing the ball to bounce back to the opponent player.

Installation Difficulty

Installing this mesh can be complicated. At Fenceshop, we rate it with a difficulty level of 5 out of 5. It is a heavy and rigid mesh, making it challenging to handle. We recommend it for flat areas rather than wooded areas. If you need to install it in a wooded area, it is best to have good manual skills or seek help from an expert.

Recommended Posts

To support this sturdy and heavy mesh, it is important not to skimp on posts. We recommend larger sections such as a T40 or T50, or a round post, which is generally more robust. A wooden post can also work, as long as it has a generous diameter.


Two curiosities about this mesh: the first concerns its aesthetic aspect. When the mesh is installed, it creates a green wall effect that can offer privacy but also mask the view. The second curiosity concerns safety. When handling a whole roll, be careful not to pinch your fingers when cutting the ties holding the roll together. The mesh unrolls quickly and can pinch your fingers, as I have personally experienced.

In conclusion, choosing the right mesh for your dog is essential to ensure their safety and well-being. The Esapex 5025 mesh is an excellent solution thanks to its sturdiness and tight links, ideal for preventing the dog from escaping or damaging the mesh itself. We hope this information has been helpful and invite you to visit our ecommerce Fenceshop for more details and purchases.

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