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Foundation Screws for Fences: New for 2020

New, new, new! Dear Fenceshop customers, today we are excited to introduce a great novelty in the world of fences. My name is Marco, and today, together with Arianna, we will talk to you about the new Vortek T series supports. Thank you, Arianna, for being here with us.

Introduction to Vortek T series supports

Let's start with a brief introduction. The Vortek T series screws are designed to fit T35 posts, with a section of 35x35 mm. In the past, with a reducer, it was possible to use T30 posts. However, today we have two distinct models: the Vortek T35 and the Vortek T30. The main difference is that the Vortek T35 is suitable for 35 mm T posts, while the Vortek T30 is perfect for 30 mm T posts. This means it is no longer necessary to buy a T30 adapter, simplifying and reducing costs for the end-user.

Importance of the post section

It's essential that the end-user knows the section of the post they intend to use. Generally, 35 mm T posts are those with a height of over 2 meters, while those up to 1.75 meters are usually 30 mm T posts. Carefully checking these measurements is fundamental to ensure the correct installation of the fence.

Advantages of the Vortek T series supports

Arianna kindly listed the numerous advantages of these new supports:

  • Ease of installation: With a simple manual wrench, anyone can screw the support into the ground and install their fence without difficulty.
  • Cost-saving: The reduction in labor costs is evident, as no complex equipment or professional intervention is required.
  • Recyclability: These supports are reusable and ecological. They can be easily removed from the ground and reused in case of relocations or fence expansions.
  • Economical and sustainable: Vortek supports are economical and ecological, catering to those seeking sustainable solutions.


Thank you, Arianna, for sharing this valuable information. It was a pleasure to make this video with you. We remind all our customers to subscribe to our channel, leave comments, and follow us on social media to stay updated on all the news. Vortek also has a YouTube channel where you can find installation videos, and is present on Facebook.

Thanks, everyone, for your attention and see you next time!

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