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What Holes to Leave in the Wall for the Fence Posts

Hello everyone, I am Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce of Rete Plastic. Today we will explain how to prepare the holes in the wall for placing the fence posts. This is a crucial step to ensure the stability and durability of your fence.

Materials to Use

The best material to create the holes in the wall is undoubtedly PVC pipe. This material offers several advantages:

  • Availability in various diameters, adaptable to the type of post you need to install
  • Affordable cost
  • Ease of cutting and working with

Avoid using plastic or glass bottles, bricks, and wood. These materials can deform or break under the weight of the concrete, making it difficult to insert the posts. An interesting alternative can be the use of polystyrene blocks, which can be easily removed once the concrete has hardened.

Alignment and Distance of the Pipes

When placing the pipes, make sure they are well aligned and level. The distance between the pipes, or spacing, varies based on the type of fence. For a residential fence, leave a hole every 2 meters approximately. If you are building a sports fence, the scheme includes a larger pipe for the taller posts and two smaller pipes for the shorter posts.

Precautions During the Pouring of the Wall

Once the pipes are positioned and the wall is poured, it is important to remove the pipes before the cement completely hardens. This allows the cement to grip the walls of the wall, ensuring greater stability for the posts. If you cannot remove the pipes, you can use a chisel to break the plastic collar in the first 10 centimeters, allowing the cement to grip better.


Preparing well-made holes for the fence posts is essential to facilitate subsequent phases of the work. Collaborate with those who build the wall and those who install the fence to ensure everything is done correctly. If you are doing the work alone, follow our tips to get the best results.

Thank you for your attention! We remind you to visit our website to find everything you need for your fences, including the posts to be placed in the prepared holes. Good work to everyone, bye!

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