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The Classic Chain Link Mesh

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, and today we will talk about the quintessential mesh in the world of fences: the classic chain link mesh. This mesh is a true classic due to its versatility and technical features, making it suitable for multiple uses.

Technical Features

Our chain link mesh has a 50x50 mm mesh size with an internal wire of 2.1 mm, which, after plasticization, reaches a thickness of 2.8 mm. Thanks to the eight different heights available, which go up to three meters, this mesh adapts to a wide range of applications. It is sold in 25-meter rolls and is not easily cuttable, ensuring greater strength and durability.

Uses of the Mesh

This mesh is extremely versatile and can be used in various contexts:

  • Residential: Perfect for delimiting gardens and yards.
  • Industrial: Ideal for fencing industrial areas and construction sites.
  • Agricultural: Useful for delimiting fields and protecting crops.
  • Sports: Suitable for 11-a-side football fields and tennis courts due to its robustness and three-meter height.

In the sporting context, this mesh is particularly suitable for 11-a-side football, where the stress is less than in 5-a-side. Moreover, it has historically been used for fencing tennis courts, as the ball does not pass through the mesh and it withstands the light stresses of the game well.

Installing the Mesh

Installing this mesh is relatively simple, even though it requires a bit of attention. The mesh should be stretched like all other meshes and is also suitable for installation in wooded areas, following the imperfections of the terrain. As for the posts, a classic T-post works just fine, but round or wooden posts can also be used depending on the needs.

Structure Details

An interesting detail of this mesh is the difference in the tips: on one side they are long, while on the other they are short. This detail, due to production reasons, is very useful during installation. The long tips can be used to hook the mesh to the tension wire, facilitating temporary installation.

Joining the Mesh

Joining this mesh requires a bit of attention, but it is fairly simple. Once the tips are opened, you just need to "unscrew" them like a corkscrew to be able to join or cut them. If you need to join it with another sheet, just screw the mesh back together. This process will be explained in detail in a future video.

A Historical and Versatile Mesh

This mesh is often called "Chicken Wire" or "Chicken Mesh" for its affordability, but it is one of the oldest meshes in existence. Its long history of production and use proves its quality and reliability. It remains one of the best meshes to lay and work with, suitable for multiple uses and contexts.

We'll stop here for today. We hope you found this information useful. Remember to subscribe to our channel and visit our website for more details and video tutorials. Goodbye, everyone!

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