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But should the tension wires always be tightened?

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop! Today we tackle a question that we are often asked: should the tension wires in fences always be tightened? And if we don't tighten them, what happens?

Why tighten the tension wires?

The answer is simple and clear: yes, tension wires should always be tightened. This is a fundamental concept to ensure the stability and aesthetics of your fence. Not tightening the tension wires is a common mistake that can compromise the entire structure. Let's see why:

  • Aesthetics: A fence without tension wires will never be straight and will appear disorganized. Linearity is essential for a visually pleasing appearance.
  • Robustness: Tension wires add robustness to the fence. Without them, the mesh cannot adequately support the structure.
  • Cross Points: Tension wires create necessary cross points to tie the mesh. Without them, the mesh can only be attached to the posts, which is not sufficient. The mesh should be tied every 30-40 centimeters for greater stability.
How to tighten the tension wires?

Tightening the tension wires is a simple, economical, and quick job. It does not require a great deal of effort and offers excellent results. Here are the three main advantages:

  • Low Cost: Tension wires are inexpensive and do not significantly impact the budget of the fence.
  • Ease of Installation: Tightening the tension wires is a simple operation that can be performed quickly.
  • Speed: Once the job is set up, tightening the tension wires is a fast process, especially over large distances.
When to avoid tightening the tension wires?

There are particular situations where it is possible to avoid tightening the tension wires:

  • Continuous Passage: If you need to create a continuous passage, such as for the passage of a tractor, it is better not to use tension wires to avoid obstacles.
  • Very Short Sections: In very short fences, such as an 80-centimeter section that bends 90 degrees, tightening the tension wires may be superfluous. In these cases, you can tighten the mesh by hand.
Maintenance of Tension Wires

It is true that tension wires, especially if stressed, can loosen or break over time. However, this does not represent a big problem since they can be easily replaced even with the mesh already installed. In case of breakage, just cut the broken wire and insert a new one, passing it through the links of the chain link mesh.

In conclusion, tightening the tension wires is essential for a stable and well-made fence. It is a simple, economical operation that requires little time but offers great benefits in terms of aesthetics and robustness.

Thanks for following this tutorial! We hope we have clarified the importance of tension wires in fences. For more information and products, visit our e-commerce at and Subscribe to our channel and our community on Facebook to stay updated. See you soon!

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