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Screws that Drill and Thread at the Same Time

Why do we consider a self-drilling and self-threading screw so important? What problems does it solve, and what are its uses? Let's find out together in this in-depth look! Hello everyone, we are from Fenceshop, the e-commerce specialized in fences and related products. Today we will talk to you about a screw that has revolutionized our way of working: the self-drilling and self-threading screw.

Technical Characteristics

This screw is made of galvanized steel, with a widened hexagonal head that can be worked with a 10 mm bit. It has a threaded part and a tip that resembles a drill bit, giving it high strength characteristics. In our store, it is available with a diameter of 6.3 mm in three lengths: 25 mm, 50 mm, and 60 mm. There are many variants of this screw, but we have chosen these specifications because we consider them the most suitable for our fence sector.

Materials It Can Drill

This screw can drill ferrous materials, such as box sections, with thicknesses up to 8 mm, although we mainly use it for thicknesses of 2-3 mm. It can also drill sheets, PVC, and wood, making it versatile for multiple applications. However, it is not recommended to use it as a structural screw.

Advantages and Uses

The main advantage of this screw is its practicality: with a simple gesture and a drill, it is possible to drill, thread, and tighten an object. It is extremely easy to use and represents a high-quality product. Here are some of its uses in the world of fences:

  • Fixing collars to corner posts, making work very practical even at great heights.
  • Fixing corrugated plastic or fiberglass to metal structures, using half-moon brackets for canopies and coverings.
  • Creating fixing points for tension wires on smooth posts, without existing rings or holes.
  • Adapting grating panels to metal carpentry structures, without the need to thread and drill separately.
  • Installing joints for fence panels, especially in the presence of height differences, allowing the joint to be positioned exactly where needed.
Practical Demonstration

We tested this screw on a galvanized tube with a diameter of 48 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm. Using a simple screwdriver, we were able to drill and thread the tube in less than ten seconds. This demonstrates how efficient and fast this screw is. Naturally, like any tool, it has its limits: after a certain number of uses, the tip and thread can begin to wear out, but it remains an excellent solution for quick and direct work.


In conclusion, the self-drilling and self-threading screw is an essential accessory for those working in the fence sector. It is economical, practical, and versatile, making many fastening operations simpler and faster. We invite you to explore these screws in our online store and to consider them for your next fence projects.

Thank you for following this in-depth look. We remind you to subscribe to our channel, like the video, and visit our website for more information and purchases. See you next time!

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