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How to Get the Perfect Gravel in Your Garden

Hello everyone, it's us from Fenceshop, your trusted e-commerce for all things related to fences and DIY materials. Today we are talking about an innovative product that will allow you to achieve a perfect garden with always neat and stable gravel. We are talking about Gravel Lock from Tenax.

What is Gravel Lock?

Gravel Lock is not a simple mesh, but a specific composite to create stable driveways and walkways. This product is ideal for gardens, driveways, and areas where you need to keep the gravel in place without it sinking, whether on foot or by car.

Technical Features
  • Spiked grid in HDPE (high-density polyethylene)
  • Non-woven fabric (TNT) weighing 200 grams per square meter
  • Assembly by heat welding
  • Total weight: 1.7 kg per square meter
  • Spike height: 14 mm
  • Drainage material
Advantages of Gravel Lock

One of the main advantages of Gravel Lock is its roll format, which measures 1.5 meters in width and 20 meters in length. This makes it easy to unroll and quick to lay. Moreover, it requires much less gravel compared to traditional grids, approximately 30 kilograms per square meter.

How to Lay Gravel Lock

Laying Gravel Lock is simple and fast. Here are the main steps:

  • Compact the ground with solid natural material
  • Roll and compact the surface with a plate
  • Spread the fabric and lay it on the ground
  • Spread the gravel over the fabric and rake it to level it
  • Re-compact the gravel

Once laid, Gravel Lock keeps the gravel in place without shifting, even on inclined surfaces. It's important to use gravel with a diameter between 2 and 6 mm to achieve the best results. This allows the gravel to remain contained and neat, creating a stable pedestrian or drivable surface.


Gravel Lock is an excellent product for those who desire an orderly and stable garden. Thanks to its technical characteristics and the ease of laying, it is the ideal solution for many applications. We invite you to visit our websites and for more information and to purchase Gravel Lock.

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