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Why Do Tension Wire Turnbuckles Rust?

Hello everyone, I am Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce specializing in fence products. Today, we want to address a question we often receive: why do turnbuckles rust? Let’s discover it together!

What Are Turnbuckles?

Turnbuckles, or wire tensioners, are those small ratchets used to tension the wires in fences. Unfortunately, one of the first things you notice in many fences is that these accessories tend to deteriorate quickly, rusting much faster than the rest of the structure.

Why Do Turnbuckles Rust?

The answer to this question lies in the materials and treatments used for their production. Most fence materials, such as welded mesh and tension wires, undergo double treatment with galvanization and plasticization to ensure long-term durability. However, turnbuckles often do not receive the same treatment.

There are mainly two types of turnbuckles:

  • Plastic-coated Turnbuckles: Available in various colors such as green, black, and gray, these turnbuckles are only plastic-coated without any underlying galvanization. This makes them more susceptible to rust.
  • Galvanized Turnbuckles: These turnbuckles have a very light galvanization, often of the "Sendzimir" type, which offers minimal protection against rust.
The Issue of Production

Many turnbuckles are produced abroad at low costs, even if sold by Italian companies. This often leads to an underestimation of the quality of turnbuckles, considered secondary accessories. However, being very visible in fences, their rapid oxidation can compromise the aesthetics and functionality of the entire structure.

Possible Solutions

What can we do to solve this problem? Here are some proposals:

  • Appeal to Manufacturers: Ask manufacturers to improve the quality of turnbuckles, perhaps by introducing galvanized and painted turnbuckles.
  • Use Double-Eye Galvanized Turnbuckles: These turnbuckles have more robust galvanization, ensuring greater longevity. At Fenceshop, we use them in sports fields, and we can confirm that they maintain their integrity for years.
In Conclusion

It is clear that turnbuckles are an essential yet often overlooked component of fences. Improving the quality of these accessories can make a significant difference in the durability and appearance of your fences. We hope this information has been helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for watching our video. We invite you to visit our e-commerce at to find a wide range of turnbuckles, double-eye turnbuckles, and other accessories for fences. Also, visit our corporate website at to learn more about our projects and who we are. Happy working and see you in the next video!


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