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How many types of fence post supports are there?

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop and today we're going to talk about Vortek supports for posts with a very special guest. Hi Alex.

Introduction and History of Vortek Supports

Alex: Hi Marco and thanks for the invite. It’s a great pleasure to be here. How did you come up with the idea for these videos?

Marco: It's interesting. We were in a construction warehouse when we heard a mason complaining because he had to build a fence but didn't want to use the typical prefabricated concrete pillars. That's where the whole study for Vortek began. We ran tests, various analyses, and arrived at what the product is today Vortek. We started with the T35, the typical product for T-iron posts, and then expanded to other products.

Alex: Yes, it's 100% Italian. We buy the raw materials, process them, and have built custom machinery to make the various parts of the product. We only outsource hot-dip galvanizing or oven painting.

Variety of Vortek Supports

Alex: Besides the T Series, we offer supports for wooden posts with circular or square sections. Additionally, we have supports for iron pipes with diameters of 40 and 48 mm and custom-made supports for specific client requests.

Marco: The screws can be manually screwed in or with electric or motorized screwdrivers. See the hole inside? You insert the key, place it on the ground, screw it into the soil and it's done.

Accessories and Usage

Marco: Explain to us a bit. This is a support to be anchored on concrete walls to support T-iron posts, both 30 and 35 mm, on flat walls. And what if I have a sloping wall?

Alex: We have an adjustable support for sloping walls, which allows you to keep the post level even if the wall is inclined. Two screws, you tighten it, and it stays firm.

Marco: And this beautiful bracket?

Alex: It's a bracket for attaching brace arms to the wall, diagonals that are used to support the starting and corner posts. You can bolt the brace arm directly or use our bracket to have a bit of tolerance in the mounting.

News and Future Projects

Marco: You celebrated ten years in business this year, right? What’s new?

Alex: Yes, the news for this year includes pedestrian gates that are always installed with the Vortek system. They have a width of 90 cm and a height ranging from 1.20 meters to 2 meters. Another new product is a support to be anchored on concrete walls for wooden posts with square or round sections, which speeds up the installation process considerably.


Marco: Thanks again for being with us, Alex. It’s been a real pleasure. We remind our users that they can find these products on our Fenceshop e-commerce. Don’t forget to leave comments, like the video and visit our YouTube page and social media like Facebook. Thanks, and good work to everyone. Goodbye.

Alex: Goodbye.

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