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Ski Slope Fences

Hello everyone, we are the Fenceshop team and today we want to share some information about ski slope fences. Although we at Fenceshop do not directly deal with this type of fence, we are fascinated by how they are designed and built. Here is a detailed analysis of five key aspects of these fences.

Fence Posts

The posts used for these fences are round and feature an arched design, which means they are significantly bent outward from the slope. This characteristic is essential for absorbing impact in case of a skier's fall, allowing the mesh to cushion the impact before the skier can hit the post. The fabrication of the posts requires a certain complexity and, consequently, can be quite costly.

Post Mounting

The posts are mounted on a plinth, which is a hole in the ground filled with reinforced concrete. This plinth is level with the ground, and a bracket is placed over it to embrace the post, held in place by bolts. This structure ensures solid stability for the fence, which is crucial for skier safety.

Mesh Characteristics

The meshes used for ski slope fences are made of polyethylene, with a tight mesh and very robust wire. The red color of the mesh serves to clearly indicate the presence of the fence. These meshes are designed to withstand strong pulls and impacts, ensuring maximum safety in case of collisions.

Liftable Mesh

An interesting aspect of these fences is the ability to lift the mesh. The posts are equipped with a pulley at mid-height, connected to a wire that allows the mesh to be raised or lowered as needed. This functionality is particularly useful for ski slope operators, who can adjust the mesh height based on snow conditions.

Mesh Fastenings

The fastenings used to attach the mesh to the posts are designed to keep the mesh as stretched as possible. Thanks to horizontal wires and zigzag hooks, the mesh remains taut in height, avoiding bends and maintaining an optimal protective surface. This configuration allows the mesh to absorb impacts without being too rigid, ensuring skier safety.

Economic Considerations

Building ski slope fences can be an expensive operation. The materials used are of high quality and the installation process can be complex, especially in mountainous environments where access is difficult. It is not uncommon for helicopters to be used to transport materials and pour concrete. All these factors contribute to making these fences quite costly.

If you have experiences or knowledge in the ski slope fence sector, we would be happy to hear your comments and opinions. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to stay updated on all the news. Happy skiing to everyone!

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