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From Shade Mesh to Bag!

Hello everyone, we are from Fenceshop and today we want to share with you a really interesting and creative project. Have you ever thought about what can be made from shade fabrics or the meshes we usually use for fences? Well, today we will show you how to transform these materials into a unique and stylish bag!

The Creative Bag

The bag you see is the result of the creative genius of Donna, an internationally renowned artist. Donna had the idea of using Texstyle Double and Texstyle All Black to create a really special bag. As you can observe, the bag features black panels, a result of interweaving the two fabrics.

Creation Process

Donna started by cutting the material following the shape of an existing bag. This is a fundamental step because it shows us that these fabrics can be easily sewn with a sewing machine. Next, she shaped the handles and intertwined the two fabrics, creating black and gray fabric panels. Inside, she added a lining purchased from a tailor shop, making the bag even more refined and functional.

Technical Details

To make the bottom of the bag more rigid, Donna used thick cardboard glued to the bottom part. This detail not only enhances the bag's aesthetics but also increases its functionality. Another decorative element is the bow made with a rectangular piece of fabric, tied with Texstyle All Black and enriched with two-tone fringes. The result is an elegant and modern accessory.

A World of Possibilities

This bag is just an example of what can be created with a bit of inventiveness and the right materials. There are numerous types of meshes and fabrics available on the market that can be used to create unique accessories. For instance, with shade mesh, you can create bags entirely in mesh, or you can make special inlays and decorations. The possibilities are practically endless!

The Artist Revealed

At the end of this creative journey, we want to reveal a little secret: the artist who created this wonderful bag is... my mother! A perfect example of how creativity can transform common materials into something extraordinary.

Thank you for following us in this video tutorial. We hope it has inspired you to experiment with the shade fabrics and meshes available on Fenceshop. Keep following us for more tips and creative ideas! See you soon!

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