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How is chain link mesh produced?

At Fenceshop, we know that many videos on mesh production often lack explanations. Today, however, we want to offer you a detailed and commented view on how chain link mesh is produced, thanks to the collaboration with Davide Colombi, owner of CR Rete, our long-standing supplier.

The birth of CR Rete

Davide tells us that the company was born thanks to his grandfather’s entrepreneurial spirit, who initially worked as a plumber and carpenter. During the purchase of plumbing materials, his grandfather saw a machine for mesh production and decided to buy it, seeing it as an industrial production opportunity. Since then, the company has grown and developed, reaching the third generation with Davide.

The production process

The production of chain link mesh begins with the wire, which, once plastic-coated, is placed in spools about a meter in diameter. The wire is then drawn by the frame that produces the mesh. Through a series of pulleys and forced conduits, the wire is tensioned and passed over a flat iron. This iron, rotating like a screw, forms the mesh and screws it into the ones already produced. Subsequently, a series of mechanisms cut the produced mesh and advance it, repeating the process mesh by mesh.

Optimizing packaging

An interesting aspect is the optimization of packaging. In the past, mesh rolls were very large, with a diameter of about 80-90 cm. Today, thanks to a series of blades and irons that fold the mesh onto itself, the rolls are only 30 cm in diameter. This allows for three times the transportation compared to the past, reducing transportation costs.

Available colors

The plastic coating of the wire allows for meshes in various colors. By changing the PVC granules used, it is possible to obtain wires in different colors. However, to produce meshes in specific colors, a minimum order is required because color changes involve some material waste. The most common and in-stock colors are green, white, black, and anthracite gray (RAL 7016). Recently, there has been an increasing demand for colors like ash gray and brown.

Uses of chain link mesh

Chain link mesh is very versatile and is used in various sectors:

  • Residential: Used for house fences, especially with small meshes like 30x30, and in colors like anthracite and black.
  • Industrial: Ideal for large extensions and areas due to its adaptability to uneven terrain.
  • Sports: Perfect for sports fields, thanks to its ability to absorb impacts without deforming. Sports meshes have wires of larger diameter, up to 4 mm, with a very high breaking resistance, up to 350 kg per wire.
Future projects

Davide also talks to us about the company's future projects, such as the creation of a machine to produce knotted meshes with substantial diameters, ideal for solving the problem of wild boars. These new meshes will have large meshes (15x15 cm) and wires with very high breaking resistance, up to 90 kg per square millimeter. Additionally, they will be available in materials like zinc aluminum and corten, to better blend into the landscape.

Where to find our products

The products discussed today are available on our e-commerce Fenceshop and at the physical premises of CR Rete in the province of Bergamo. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to leave them under the video. We invite you to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on the latest news in the world of meshes and fences. Visit our website Fenceshop for more information and purchases.

Thank you Davide for your participation and for sharing your valuable know-how with us!

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