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10,000 subscribers... Thank you!

Here we are, we've reached 10,000 subscribers! This video is special and a bit different from the usual, shot with a cellphone. Hi everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop. Today, I'm presenting a special video to celebrate this milestone. In a survey, I asked what you preferred between a special video, a live stream, or a discount on our store. The special video and the e-commerce discount won, so today you'll see me in a more familiar setting.

Company Tour

Now, I'm inside my office and I'll give you a brief tour of our company. This is our entrance, where customers come in. I'm really excited about the 10,000 subscribers! Here we have our showroom with all the mesh on display. Do you see the frames where I make the videos? I detach them to show you the mesh. The tags are missing due to the continuous price changes, but we're putting them back.

Products and Warehouse

In our showroom, you'll find shading nets, metal mesh, stakes of all kinds, galvanized posts in various colors and heights. We also have a small irrigation corner, although it's a marginal item for us. Joints, pipes, and fix-ties are all displayed here. Additionally, we have a box with reviews of panels and gates, which I'll show you.

Let's move to the restricted access area. On the left, you see all the scrap metal mesh that we cut. We are among the few who cut the mesh by the meter, of all types and heights. We have a computerized warehouse where all the scraps are cataloged with name, code, and QR code. Even the shading net scraps are cataloged.

Courtyard and Warehouse

The courtyard is dedicated to the gates we produce. Under the canopy, you'll see our gates with the uprights on the left. We also have Tenax material and synthetic grass. The courtyard is really hot today! Here you see the orders ready for shipment to our customers, both wholesale and retail.

We have an area for on-site installation where we place the material ready for installation, divided by construction sites. The tent you see was redone about two years ago. Inside the tent, there are our vehicles ready for external construction sites. Today is Saturday, and the company is closed, so there are no people around.

Carpentry and Production

Let's enter our carpentry area, where we produce gates and other structures. Here you see standard gates made by us, which we sell on our site. They are semi-finished products that we complete in the workshop, adding locks and cleaning the threads. We have two simple workbenches and minimal equipment, such as a bandsaw, a cut-off machine, and a MIG welder.

Inside the shed, you'll find plastic mesh and coverings. We also have an area for polycarbonate and a section dedicated to preparing online orders. Here there's a small workbench with a computer and terminals, and all the material is cataloged with codes and measurements.

Conclusions and Thanks

Now, I'll show you something fun: my survey vehicle, a station wagon perfect for the job. Look, I kept the promise of wearing shorts, as you can see. The second promise is the discount, which will be available on the video release day. The discount code is "10,000" written out in full.

We are happy and proud to have reached 10,000 subscribers. I never thought we'd get to this milestone. Now we aim for 50,000 subscribers! I'll continue to post weekly videos, maybe even every two weeks, and I'll try to diversify the content. Thank you all for the support. Keep watching our videos and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already. We'll always talk about fences. Bye and thank you!

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