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Is it easier to set posts or mesh?

Hello everyone, I am Marco from Fenceshop, Fenceshop Kelly Commerce of Rete Plastic. Today, we will answer a frequently asked question: is it more difficult to set posts or a mesh for fences? This video arises from the numerous requests from our customers who, to save costs, ask us to install only the mesh while they take care of the posts. But is it really more difficult?

Setting the posts

To set the posts, first of all, we need to clean and prepare the ground along the interested perimeter. This means cutting the grass in a field or removing branches in a forest. Next, we mark the ground with chalk or a string line. The next step involves digging the foundations or installing the foundation screws. Finally, we position the posts, aligning them correctly both in height and in line, and don't forget the brace arms for corners and starts.

Setting the mesh

If the posts are already set, installing the mesh is simpler. It involves stretching the tension wires, unrolling the mesh, applying it to the wall, tightening it, and tying it. However, if the posts have not been set correctly, even the best and well-installed mesh will appear imperfect.


When a client asks us to install only the mesh, we often face difficulties because, without offense, the posts might have been positioned differently than we would have placed them. This leads to alignment and height issues, making it difficult to achieve perfect mesh installation. Therefore, it is always better to entrust us with setting the posts as well to ensure an optimal result.

In conclusion, the most delicate and complex task is setting the posts. It is crucial to pay a lot of attention to this step to ensure a sturdy and well-made fence.

Thanks for watching this video. We hope to have provided you with useful insights to understand the importance of correctly setting the posts. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and visit our websites for institutional information and for our e-commerce where you will find all the products for fences. See you soon, bye!

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