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Texstyle Decorative Screen: How to Join It

Hello everyone! We are Marco from Fenceshop, and today we will show you how to correctly join two design shading screens of the Texstyle family. Specifically, today we will work with Texstyle Duble, but the guidelines apply to the entire Texstyle family. Follow us step by step to achieve a perfect result on your fence.


To start, we need to bring the two edges of the screen close together so they are ready to be worked on. You can temporarily secure the screens with a provisional tie to prevent them from falling and bothering you during the process.

Cutting and Positioning

Before proceeding, it's important to note: unlike shading screens, Texstyle fabrics are very robust. Therefore, it's not necessary to hem them. After trimming the screens with simple scissors following the mesh of the fabric, we recommend making the join at a fence post. This will help visually hide the join, minimizing its aesthetic impact.

Overlapping and Perforating

Now we proceed with overlapping the two screens. Overlap them by about 5-6 centimeters, ensuring the overlap goes past the fence post. Use a screwdriver to perforate both screens. Make two holes, one on each side, near the post.


To secure the screens, use fix-ties, preferably from the Athena series, which are UV-protected and silver-colored, like the Texstyle product. Thread the fix-tie through the created holes and wrap it around the post. Pull the fix-tie tightly to ensure a firm grip.


It's important to maintain a clean vertical alignment and replicate this operation every 15-20 centimeters across the height of the screen. This will ensure a neat and stable join. Once the securing is complete, you can replace the provisional ties with permanent fix-ties or design elastic balls, which will add an elegant touch to your work.


By following these steps, you'll achieve a discreet and robust join, perfectly integrated into your fence. Remember, if the join was made in the middle of two fence posts, it would cause a more noticeable aesthetic flaw. Therefore, we recommend following our method to achieve the best possible result.

The Texstyle family offers various options in terms of format, mesh size, and color, but the installation concept remains the same. We hope this tutorial has been helpful. If you have other solutions or suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments. Subscribe to our channel to stay updated on upcoming videos. See you soon and happy working everyone!

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