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T-Sport: the UNI 13200 certified mesh chosen by Juventus

Would you prefer if I talk to you about a UNI 13200 certified mesh or the mesh that Juventus used in their new training center? Hi everyone, we are Marco from Fenceshop and today we will talk about a very special product: the Replax T-Sport by Cavatorta. This is a high-resistance chain link mesh that deserves all our attention. We will delve into the details to analyze this extraordinary product.

Technical Features of the Replax T-Sport

The Replax T-Sport is a chain link mesh with 50x50 mm links and an external wire diameter of 4.2 mm. This wire is PVC coated, providing a glossy and pleasant appearance. The mesh is available in 10-meter linear rolls and in four different heights: 2 meters, 2.25 meters, 2.50 meters, and 3 meters. Another remarkable feature is the weight: the Replax T-Sport weighs 3.40 kg per square meter, while traditional chain link meshes weigh only between 1.1 kg and 1.3 kg per square meter.

Certification and Uses

The Replax T-Sport is certified for sports facilities according to the UNI 13200-3 standard of 2005, also known as the "decreto Pisano." This means it is suitable for use in compliant sports facilities. However, it is so robust that we at Fenceshop also recommend it for residential uses, especially for those with problems with dogs or wild boars. For example, we used this mesh to protect a client's dogs from wild boars, burying it 30 centimeters deep for greater effectiveness.

Relevance of Certification

It's important to emphasize that the certification pertains to the entire fence system, not just the mesh. This means that the Replax T-Sport mesh must be installed along with posts, steel cables, and an appropriate foundation to comply with regulations. This complete system ensures the robustness and security needed for sports facilities.

Installation and Difficulty

The Replax T-Sport is a heavy mesh and requires a certain level of skill for installation. We rate the difficulty of installation at a 4 out of 5. The mesh is so robust it appears like a movable railing, and with a bit of care during installation, it becomes an effective deterrent against ball impacts in sports fields and any other use that involves high stress.

Use in Sports Fields

Juventus chose the Replax T-Sport to fence the training fields in their new center in Turin. The mesh was selected for its robustness, visual impact, and certifiability. This model is also ideal for small soccer fields, where ball impacts are very violent and frequent. Traditional meshes tend to deform over time, while the Replax T-Sport maintains its shape and withstands impacts.

Final Considerations

Despite the high price, the Replax T-Sport is an investment that guarantees superior durability and resistance compared to traditional meshes. We at Fenceshop have no doubts in recommending this model for those who need a robust and durable mesh. To conclude, we also greet our friends at Torino Calcio: our goal is to guide you in choosing the right mesh, without engaging in football politics.

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