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If You Don't Cement Them, They'll Come Up!

Hello everyone, we are the Fenceshop team, the e-commerce specialized in fences, and today we want to talk to you about a crucial topic: post cementing. My name is Marco and I will guide you through this important aspect of fence installation.

Why Cement Posts?

Cementing posts is fundamental to ensure the solidity of your fence. I still remember a friend who, although quite experienced in DIY, decided to plant the posts directly into the ground without cementing them. The result? The posts rose from the ground, compromising the stability of the fence. This happens because posts, if not cemented, tend to bend and pull out, especially when the fence is tall and sturdy.

The Role of Footings

End or corner posts must be cemented with footings. The taller and sturdier the fence, the more important it is to have a solid base. This also applies to gates. For example, for the gate post, it is essential to create a good foundation to prevent the post from rising, compromising all the work.

Cementing Systems in Extreme Situations

In particular situations, such as in wooded areas or with very sturdy fences, it might be necessary to create a single footing. This means creating a continuous base, for example, in an L shape, which can withstand the strong tensions present in those specific points of the fence.

The Consequences of Inadequate Cementing

If a footing comes up, it is a real problem. It might be necessary to redo all the work, detach the mesh, re-tension the wires, and recement the posts. This entails a great expenditure of time and resources. To avoid these complications, it is essential to do a careful job right from the start.

Final Tips

Our advice is to never underestimate the importance of cementing posts, especially corner and starting posts. Use sturdy footings, foundation screws, or counter flanges to ensure maximum stability. The forces at play are very strong and a small mistake can compromise the entire fence.

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See you in the next video, bye!

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