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The mesh to protect flower beds

Tired of having your flower beds trampled? Today we're going to find out the right mesh! Hi, I'm Marco from Fenceshop and today, as the title suggests, we'll talk about this particular mesh for fencing flower beds. Here it is, Arcoplax. As you can see, its design at the top already says something important. Great, let's start by giving some technical features.

Technical Features

The mesh is quite wide, with dimensions of about 80 millimeters by 150 millimeters. This means it is a very spacious mesh, as you can see, my hand easily fits through it. The diameter of the vertical wire is 3.2 millimeters and it is wavy, so unlike many other meshes, the wire zigzags. The double horizontal wires, which intertwine and hold the mesh together, have a diameter of 2.5 millimeters.

Available Formats

This mesh is available in different formats depending on the height:

  • 40 centimeters and 65 centimeters: rolls of 10 linear meters in length
  • 90 centimeters and 120 centimeters: rolls of 25 linear meters in length

At Fenceshop, we do not offer cutting for this type of mesh.

Ideal Use

What is the use of this mesh? Well, as already mentioned in the title, it is a mesh that is exclusively good for fencing flower beds. So, if you have a border or some planters to delimit and protect, this could be the right mesh for you.

Laying the Mesh

Let's talk about laying. This is a lightweight mesh and it is fairly easy to handle. On a difficulty scale from 1 to 5, I would give it a 2. How do you lay it? Here are some tips:

  • Tension Wires: This mesh, for its function, does not require additional tension wires. The present horizontal wires can already act as tension wires.
  • Posts: For this particular model, simple T-posts or even galvanized or green-painted metal rods can be used.
  • No Posts: For heights of 40 centimeters and 65 centimeters, some people plant this mesh directly into the ground thanks to its spikes.
Other Useful Information

I can give you more information on this mesh model:

  • Wire Flexibility: Unlike welded meshes, the wire moves because it is held together by the intertwining of the wires. If you have a child or a large dog, they might open it.
  • Cutting the Mesh: When cutting this mesh, do it in the middle of the mesh. If you cut near the intertwining, the mesh could come apart. A cut in the middle of the mesh and an extra twist of the knot on the wires will help keep the mesh intact.

We hope this information has been useful to better understand how to use and lay the Arcoplax mesh to protect your flower beds. We at Fenceshop are here to help you find the best solutions for your fencing needs.

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