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How to Repair a Damaged Fence Section

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce of Rete Plastic. Today we will show you how to repair a damaged fence. It can happen that a fence gets damaged due to a fallen tree or a car accident. In this tutorial, we will give you some practical tips to fix the damage in the best possible way and in the shortest time.

1. Identifying Healthy Posts

The first step is to identify the first healthy post to the right and the first to the left of the damage. These posts must be straight and intact. Don't focus on the damaged mesh, but on the posts. It is important to identify these two main points to start the repair.

2. Stabilizing the Posts

Once you have identified the healthy posts, it is necessary to stabilize them. You can do this by using brace arms, which should be positioned in the direction of the healthy part of the fence. If you don't have brace arms, you can use a tension wire with a turnbuckle. These measures are temporary but essential to maintain the necessary tension and compression during the repair.

3. Cutting the Damaged Mesh

Now you can proceed with cutting the damaged mesh. We recommend cutting it flush with the post to make the joint less visible. Also cut the tension wires, leaving them slightly longer than the mesh, so you can adjust them later.

4. Installing New Tension Wires and Mesh

The next step is to install new tension wires in the damaged area. Tighten three tension wires and replace the damaged mesh with a new piece. If the section to be repaired is short, you can pull the mesh by hand. If it is long, you will need to use a specific tool. We invite you to check out our video tutorials for more details on how to lay and stretch the mesh.

5. Removing Temporary Structures

Once the new mesh has been installed, you can remove the brace arms and temporary wires used to stabilize the posts. The fence might settle slightly, but if you have followed the steps correctly, it should remain stable.

We hope you found these tips helpful. We invite you to subscribe to our channel and join our Facebook community for more tips and video tutorials. Leave us comments and photos of your repairs, we are curious to see your work and discuss them together. Thank you for your attention and see you in the next video!

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