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At what height should brace arms be placed on a fence?

Hello everyone, we are Marco and the team from Fenceshop and today we will guide you through a highly requested topic: "At what distance should diagonal brace arms be placed from the top of the post?". This video is dedicated to answering this question and clarifying if there is a rule to do it correctly.

Introduction to brace arms and T-posts

Let's start with two fundamental aspects: we are talking about T-posts for fences, the classic ones with a T-shaped section, and we already know that these posts are perforated. Normally, the brace arm is placed at the second hole from the top. If this information is new to you, now you know and we can base our reasoning on this rule.

Measurements and distances of the holes

We replicated the classic heights of posts available on the market: 1 meter, 1.25 meters, 1.50 meters, 1.75 meters, 2.25 meters, and 2.50 meters. I measured the distance from the top of the post to the second hole, where the brace arm should be placed, and found that for 1-meter posts the distance is 15 centimeters, while for 1.25-meter posts it is 20 centimeters. For 1.50-meter, 1.75-meter, 2.25-meter, and 2.50-meter posts, the distance is consistently 30 centimeters.

The rule of the seventh

I found that dividing the total height of the post by 7 gives a measurement that is close to the standard hole distance. For example, for a 1.50-meter post, 1.50 divided by 7 gives approximately 21.4 centimeters, very close to the 22 centimeters of the hole. This rule works well for most common post heights but not for very tall ones.

The rule of the tenth for tall posts

For very tall posts, such as those used in sports facilities, the rule of the seventh is no longer valid. For a 4.40-meter post, dividing by 10 gives 44 centimeters, which is a correct measurement for placing the brace arm. The same applies to a 6.70-meter post, where dividing by 10 gives 67 centimeters, an appropriate distance for the brace arm.

Common problems and solutions

It is important not to place the brace arm too high or too low on the post. If placed in the middle, the post will tend to bend under the weight of the mesh and wires. If placed too high, the post will curve forming an arch. The correct position of the brace arm is therefore crucial to maintain the stability of the fence.


We have understood that there is a practical rule for positioning the brace arms: the rule of the seventh for standard post heights and the rule of the tenth for very tall posts. We hope these guidelines have been helpful and that you can apply them in your installations.

If you liked the video, subscribe to our channel. Remember to visit our websites for our institutional site and for our e-commerce, where you will find all the products for fences, including all types of brace arms. Thank you for your attention and good luck with your fences!

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