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Polyethylene Mesh 130x130: The Ball Net

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, and today we will talk about the polyethylene ball net. This mid-high range product is perfect for those looking for a robust and reliable solution for sports fields. Let’s explore its technical characteristics and uses together.

Technical Characteristics

The mesh has a 130x130 mm mesh and a braided wire with a diameter of about 3 mm, composed of 48 intertwined monofilaments. This means that each visible wire consists of 48 small wires twisted inside. The mesh is bordered with an 8 mm wire of the same material along the top and bottom, though this detail is not visible in the piece I have in hand.

Regarding dimensions, we offer seven standard heights, but being a handmade mesh, it can be made to measure. The length is virtually infinite: you can order it in any size you want, from 30 to 300 meters and beyond, even in unique pieces.

Mesh Uses

This mesh is ideal for sports use, perfect for soccer, five-a-side football, volleyball, handball, and basketball fields, where the ball is large enough not to pass through the mesh links.


There are two main ways to install the mesh: one more amateurish and one more professional. If your goal is simply to prevent the balls from ending up at the neighbor's place, you can buy a piece of mesh and stretch it between two trees. If you want a more durable and professional solution, it's advisable to fix the mesh on posts of an adequate size.

For high fences, like those of a soccer field, you can use a basket lift to reach the top of the posts. It is advisable to fix a steel cable on the posts at the top and tie the mesh to this cable. Alternatively, you can pass the cable through the mesh and then tension it.

The posts can be spaced 6-8 meters apart, unlike low fences where the distance between posts is about 2 meters. The fewer posts there are, the less likely the mesh will cut due to the balls pressing it against the posts. Make sure not to stretch additional wires at mid-height, as these create chafing points that can damage the mesh.

Cutting and Joining

Cutting the mesh is simple: just use scissors or pliers. To join two pieces of mesh, just bring the edges together and use polyethylene cord of the same material as the mesh, or plasticized iron tying wire, to sew them together.

Volume and Bulk

When you receive the mesh, you will notice that it does not take up much space. For example, an order of 100 meters of mesh 3 meters high (300 square meters) can arrive in a compact package that can fit in the trunk of a car. This is possible thanks to a specific machine that compresses the mesh during production.

Material Quality

It is important to always check the type of material of the mesh before purchasing it. Our mesh is made of high-density polyethylene and UV protected, which ensures long-lasting durability. The mesh is knotted, a detail that increases its resistance, unlike unknotted meshes that tend to crumble.

In conclusion, this polyethylene ball net is an excellent solution for those looking for quality and durability. Keep following us to discover other types of meshes and their specific uses. Thank you for your attention and happy working to everyone!

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