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Which Mesh to Choose if Your Dog Digs Holes

You can't be part of the video, you can't, I have to talk about the mesh, darn it, go dig holes! First of all, we thank Lulù for appearing in the video. That said, if your dog digs holes in the garden, you probably have three solutions. One is to sell your garden, the second is to give your dog to the neighbor so he can dig holes there, and the third is to consider buying a mesh. Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, and today we will talk about a mesh suitable for preventing dogs from digging holes in the garden. But not only that, we will discover more about it later in this video.

So, let's talk about this mesh. Specifically, it is called TR and it is by Tenax, the brand, the manufacturing company. It has a diamond mesh of about 35 x 35 mm and a thickness of 5 mm, and it is very robust. The material is HDPE, which is high-density polyethylene, and the rolls come in a format of one meter in height by five meters in length, or two meters by thirty meters in length. We suggest residential use, but not only, I believe this mesh can also be suitable for other uses, which we will discover later as I mentioned before.

How can you use such a mesh?

There's not much to do, in the sense that you just need to unroll the roll that you might have purchased on the ground, in the area where you want to prevent digging, and once unrolled, you need to keep it as flat as possible. Considering it is made of plastic material, in the roll it will have taken its rolled shape, so you will need to try to keep it as flat as possible and simply fix it to the ground with some metal stakes, which are available on the market and are also available with us. Once laid flat, that's it, you just need to wait for the grass to grow from the ground because, yes, this mesh is precisely for that, it serves as a lawn saver to be placed on the ground. The grass will then grow through it, the grass roots will eventually integrate with it, and it will almost not be seen anymore. It has an enormous advantage over metal meshes, it is very light and easy to handle.

Why do we recommend this mesh to prevent your dog from digging holes?

Well, a dog digs for various reasons. It might dig out of boredom, for food, to hide food, for stress, or simply to escape under your fence. This mesh, once placed, prevents this from happening and even educates the dog to avoid doing it again. This mesh is approved by dog trainers for exactly this reason.

Other uses for the TR mesh

Well, I mentioned at the beginning of the video that this mesh, apart from preventing dogs from digging in the garden, serves other purposes. What is the other use? It is very important; it is a mesh that makes the lawn drivable. What does that mean? A photo will appear here next to me, showing a garden with this mesh laid down, where the client needed their lawn to be green with grass but also wanted to be able to park cars on it. You know, you can imagine, that if you have a garden with soft soil and nice green grass, and you drive a car over it, it is very likely that the wheels will mark your garden, ruining the grass. This mesh also serves this purpose. It has excellent resistance, can support several quintals of weight, and prevents the garden from being ruined. Clearly, you should not think this mesh can support excessive weights, such as very heavy trucks or lorries. No, there are other models of meshes for that, but if it is about cars or foot traffic, it is an excellent product. I really recommend it.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope I have been helpful. We thank Lulù, as mentioned before, for appearing in the video, and I remind you to subscribe to the channel. If you have questions, leave them in the comments below. Remember to visit our institutional site and our e-commerce site Subscribe to the channel. Bye!

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