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Online Fences and Communicative Scams

Have you ever purchased a fence item online, only to realize upon receiving it that it falls short of your expectations? Today, we at Fenceshop want to talk to you about communicative scams in the world of online fences and how to avoid them. I'm Marco from Fenceshop, and our goal is to provide you with the necessary information to make informed and safe purchases.

Mesh Size

A fundamental aspect to consider is the size of the mesh. For example, a 50x50 mm mesh can be measured in different ways: the internal measure between the wires, the measure between the center of the wires, or the external measure of the wires. These differences can significantly affect the weight and amount of material used. A 50x50 mm mesh measured inside the wires will be wider and have less iron, which can reduce the total weight of the roll by 5-10%.

Roll Length

The length of the roll is another element often subject to misunderstandings. On the market, you can find rolls of 25 linear meters, but there are also rolls of 20 linear meters. It is important to check the actual length of the roll to avoid receiving less material than expected.

Wire Diameter

The wire diameter is another crucial parameter. A wire with an external diameter of 2 mm might have an iron core of only 1 mm, with the rest made up of plastic coating. This makes the mesh lighter and less robust. Be sure to know the internal wire diameter to correctly assess the product's quality.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment, such as plastic coating, is another element to consider. Low-quality plastic-coated meshes, often imported from China, can deteriorate quickly under the sun's action, with the plastic peeling and falling off. Quality manufacturers, on the other hand, offer 10-year warranties. Always check the quality of plastic coating and the guaranteed lifespan.

Fence Posts

When buying fence posts, it's important to consider their size and weight. A post with a section of 30x30x4 mm might not be sufficiently robust to support a two-meter-high mesh. Check the total weight of the post and compare it with other products to evaluate robustness.

Shading and Privacy Screens

For shading and privacy screens, the weight per square meter is a key quality indicator. A light product might not provide adequate shading and may have a shorter lifespan. Ensure the product is UV-protected to guarantee its durability over time.


Galvanization is the treatment that preserves materials from rust. There are different types of galvanization: hot-dip and electrolytic. Hot-dip galvanization is the most durable, while electrolytic, although more aesthetically pleasing, offers less protection. Always check the type of galvanization to ensure the product's long lifespan.

In conclusion, our goal is to inform you about these aspects to help you make informed purchases. Ask the manufacturer or seller specific questions to understand exactly what you are buying and avoid unpleasant surprises. If you have further questions or suggestions for new videos, leave a comment. Good work and remember to visit our site for more information!

Goodbye from everyone at Fenceshop!

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